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  F2 Mission Development Framwork released Editing    
Fer informed us about the first release of the F2 Mission Development Framwork for ArmA2

First release of the F2 Mission Development Framework. F2 is the successor to the popular BAS f mission development framework for ArmA (discussed in this BI Forums thread). The new framework contains many of the features you know from BAS f, updated to work with ArmA 2, plus some new components which take advantage of the new game's special features.

For downloads and to find out more please see our online manual: (English version*)

For discussion on the official BI Forums please see the F2 thread.

Huge thanks to all team members and contributors to F2 (and BAS f), as well as the testers from Shack Tactical.

* A Russian-language version of the manual will be available soon. We're looking for a German translator, please PM Fer on the BI Forums if interested.

News submitted by Fer.

  July 28th, 2009 - 07:33 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  Flir Script released Editing    
Gachopin released a long awaited FLIR Script for ArmA2 on the BIS Forums. Watch the Youtube video made by Eble (showing the FLIR which will also be added to his next OH-58 update).

How to use this script in your own Mission

1.In edit mode, put your vehicles(have turret) and naming.

2.Save your mission as "user mission".

3.Copy script folder into your mission folder and delete 2 lines at init.sqf.
_vehicle = vehicle(player); <-unnessesary
[_vehicle] execVM "script\FLIR_init.sqf"; <-unnessesary

A line add at init.sqf
[name] execVM "script\FLIR_init.sqf";


This script can use only 'gunner'.
If you want to use it as driver or another turret gunner,
rewrite(or delete) line 4 and line 59 at FLIR_main.sqf.

If you want to change it's key assign,
rewrite under line 64 , "keyEventD function" at FLIR_function.sqf.
'case 19' means "R".
Check this url.

  July 28th, 2009 - 07:23 By Deadeye   Comments (3)  

  Dutch F-16 released Addon release    
VXR released a dutch version of Myke's F-16 (converted Footmuch's ArmA addon) on the BIS Forums.

This addons adds 1 Royal Dutch Airforce F16 of the 232 Squadron (Leeuwarden). The addon is currently in beta stage, more versions from different squadrons will be included in a later release.
The loadout is currently the same as Footmunch/EddyDs/Myke release and will also be changed in the future releases.

Needed addons :
GLT F-16 (v 1.101)

  July 26th, 2009 - 10:23 By Deadeye   Comments (4)  

  FPS Helper updated Addon release    
Dead3yez informed the community on the BIS Forums, that he has updated his FPS Helper to v1.21.

This addon is a small config designed to increase the visual performance of ArmA II. It does so
by removing and reducing the quality of various aspects of the game. The addon is designed for
those who have troubles running the game with good performance or so that other settings my be
pushed higher. It only works on Utes and Chernarus. Note that this is still in a beta phase,
future version is impending.

- Lower (smaller) grass
- Grass rendering altered
- Grass clusters are less dense
- Less dust produced from vehicles on land
- "removed" animations from grass
- Wildlife removed from Chenarus and Utes
- Removed some blurs
- Glossiness removed from water and other surfaces
- removed some UVsources
- Removed mid range ground texture
-lowered sea texture

  July 26th, 2009 - 10:13 By Deadeye   Comment (1)  

  D3 WeaponFX (Weapon Sounds) updated Addon release    
Dead3yez updated his D3 WeaponFX Sound Mod on the BIS Forums

This soundmod will replace all the personel weapons ingame. This excludes handguns and silenced weapons. It is designed to work with Vopsound, although it will run fine without.


- M9, Makarov, tank cannons and M134 sounds added added
- Reworked AK, m136, m14, M24 sounds
- Adjusted volume of some sounds
- M203 sound fixed

Optionally you can download the VopSound 2.1 to be used simultaniously

  July 26th, 2009 - 10:07 By Deadeye   Comments (4)  

  CZM Simba WIP Screenshots    
4 screenshots made by itim_tuko showing off the upcoming CZM - Conflict Zone Mindanao Simba have been posted on the BIS Forums.

CZM is back with some new wip. The Mod will be made for both ArmA and ArmA II.

I couldnt call this a mod about the Philippine Army if I would skip the Simba APC and as I made a break in my studies I had some time to make the first attemps to create a new Simba (skipped the old model I had as it was to awfull).

The Philippine Army is the only army in the world who uses the Simba APC.
Remember that this still is an Alpha model and I only spend 6 hours on it sofar.

  July 25th, 2009 - 11:29 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  DST Map pack updated Mission release    

[-DST-]Anth informed us that he has released an update for his DST Capture the flag [ctf] map pack on the BIS Forums.

Updated 23/07/2009 Thursday
- 3 New maps added!
- Added medic insurgents and US Medics for self healing on all maps

News submitted by Anth.

  July 25th, 2009 - 11:26 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  Puddle Trouble MP Mission released Mission release    

Dale from the Silent-Warriors , has sent us an MP Mission called Puddle Trouble.

This mission involves wrestling the water back from the Russians. Read the briefing in game for more info.

1. The AI in control of the support vehicle can be stupid. Either disregard the option to use them or be patient!
2. I have used various scripts in this mission to which I am grateful to the authors of these scripts. Thankyou.
3. If you de-pbo the mission then I do not make any apologies for the state of the scripts etc. There are some scripts that are redundant but are still in the pbo file. Oh well!! Alot of time and effort has gone into this. If the scripts look scruffy then improve them.
4. I still cant get the objectives to look the same for all players including JIP. If someone could do this, could you let me know how! Send the pbo file to me would be cool.
5. Special thanks to all at for their patience and also testing the mission for me.
6. I know its not the finished article but I have took it as far as I think I can. If you want to improve on it then by all means do so.

News submitted by Dale.

  July 25th, 2009 - 11:18 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  GDTMod HDR 1.01 released Addon release    

HeinBloed has updated his GDTMod HDR to version 1.01 and released it on the official Forums.

This Addon does not disable HDR but it is reducing the effects of HDR dramatically by adjusting the aperture.
This Addon is client side only.

There are to variants to use this addon.
1. Via Key:
This variant does not work with addons which are using the old displaySetEventHandler command. It also does not work with the Editor Modules "Construction Interface" (Used by missions such as Superpowers) and "High Command" witch are using the displaySetEventHandler command as well.
This variant does not work on Single Player with resume game from mission menu. Start new game...load savegame is working.
2. Via actionmenu:
- There are not any known issues by using the actionmenu.

Armed Assault 2 v1.02
Extended Eventhandlers (XEH) which is part of CBA: Community Base Addons (

Changelog 1.01
- Enhanced compatibility for Key activation by using displayAddEventHandler "KeyUp". For Example: Compatible with the Arma 2 integrated HALO function.
- Alternative start via actionmenu added.
- Using Extended Eventhandlers (XEH).
- Fixed: Single player: Loading a savegame will crash the game.
Note: Updating this addon from 1.00 to 1.01 needs an update for gdtmod_hdr.hpp too. Alternative you can insert the first 2 lines of the new gdtmod_hdr.hpp to the old one. (_start = 0; and _menu = 0

To view some exaple videos please head over to HeinBloeds' BIS Forum Topic

  July 25th, 2009 - 09:33 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  Stormtroopers incoming ! Screenshots    
McRuppert informed us that he has started on some Stormtroopers and posted 3 ingame screenshots of them on the BIS Forums.

Hey Guys

Here is my first Projekt for ARMA2, the good old Stormtrooper and the E11 Blaster from Star Wars...

News submitted by Ruppertle.

  July 25th, 2009 - 08:52 By Deadeye   Comments (6)  

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