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  Project Gardinas Island released Addon release    
Alex.Sworn from the ArmA Guide Team released his latest island, called Gardina in the BI Forums. This island has been created by a tool that he is currently working on. With this tool it is possible to take graphical and SAS data to create an island. This island is created from NASA data of New York and a SAR data set of the DASA from America.

This evening I would like to direct your attention on a new program. I had the idea to simply write a program which takes graphical and SAS data to create an island.
I carried this idea for two years now and was finally able to finish it yesterday. The prototype created its first island and I would like to show you pictures of the program, but that wouldn't make much sense, because it's only
a command line program.
This island is created from NASA data of New York and a SAR data set of the DASA from America.

  September 25th, 2007 - 20:58 By Deadeye   Comments (5)  

  Danish Defence Army Mod's Mercedes GD Screenshots    
The Danish Defence Army Mod is working on a international version of the Mercedes GD. It consists of a mix of many version from different countries of the Mercedes 4x4. The GD offers a light platform for 3 weapons : M2 HMG on top, M240 in front and rear.

  September 25th, 2007 - 15:35 By Cervo   Comment (1)  

  Tank Fire Control Systems v0.2 released Addon release    
NoWonderDog has released an updated version of his Tank Fire Control Systems in the BI Forums.

NWD_TankFCS v0.2 Released

This includes many, many changes:
-- AI T-72s now load APFSDS by default
-- AI tanks no longer try to attack by firing their rangefinders into the sky (???)
-- New T-72 machine gun ammo loadout (this should be the correct loadout, regardless of what you may find online)
-- many new ammunition types added to the config, although not yet programmed into the FCS.
-- New tank models, with many new features:
- main gun reticles are now accurate at any zoom level. Both tanks have two field of view levels that will automatically toggle when you zoom in or out by the appropriate amount (as long as you use the keyboard for zoom).
- T-72 turret is now declined 1°13' forward, as it should be
- T-72 driver can now unbutton (but the turret is locked when he does)
- T-72 commander's AA machine gun is now mounted on the rear of the cupola, and can no longer be fired from within the tank (the AI does not unbutton in combat, however, and thus will never use it)
- M1A1 commander's weapon station is remodeled to look (kind of) like the real thing
- M1A1 commander's machine gun can now only be fired from inside the tank or (unaimed) from a semi-buttoned position. You are currently not more protected when semi-buttoned than when unbuttoned. If you play with external views, you will still be able to fire ( and aim! ) the gun from the external view. You can also, due to a limitation in ArmA, zoom in to 3x magnification when semi-buttoned and looking through the vision block.
- M1A1 gun superelevation is now applied by physically moving the gun barrel after you lase, instead of moving the shell when it's fired.
- M1A1 dynamic lead is now applied by directly rotating the turret, and not by rotating the hull and relying on the AI driver to keep the hull stationary
-- New, radically different damage models. Tanks are much better protected on their frontal aspects, and are completely immune to small arms.

All the AI problems should be fixed in this version; they are very deadly now. Taking on an M1A1HA in a T-72M1 is usually a losing proposition, but if you can get the first shot you have a chance.

I still haven't tested this mod online, but it should be much more compatible than before. It relies heavily on animations embedded in the model, however, and I wouldn't be surprised if it requires the mod to be present on the server.

It's rather complex now, and I may have introduced lots of new bugs. I appreciate any and all bug reports. I'm aware of the model warnings in ArmA.rpt, but they don't cause any problems as far as I've seen. The degenerated faces warning is actually a false alarm, as it's referring to the (very small but nonzero area) faces in the TPD-K1 analog range display.

  September 23rd, 2007 - 16:51 By Jason   Comments (3)  

  Better Kamov v1.0 Released Addon release    
Inkompetent has released his 'Better Kamov' over on the BI Forums. The addon aims to correct the issues with the BIS Kamov by making it more realistic.

This addon changes the 'Low' and 'High' Rate of Fire-modes on the Ka-50 to more actual ones.
'Low' is now 350 rounds per minute and 'High' is 600 rounds per minute (550-600 IRL, but I picked the higher value since the gunning in ArmA is like a crippled whale trying to shoot a slingshot).
The burst length is 10 rounds in 'Low' and 20 rounds in 'High' ROF modes. IRL the pilot gets to choose which, but with the controls in ArmA I found this to be more manageable.
Also, for better clarity the weapon isn't just listed as "Low" and High", but as "2A42 Low ROF" and "2A42 High ROF".

This addon replaces the default automatic firing mode with one missile at a time to the russian salvo firing.
You have two choices of rate of fire: 2 missiles in a salvo, or eight.
The name is also changed from "Rocket" to "S-8 80mm" which is the actual name of the rockets fired.

  September 23rd, 2007 - 14:02 By DaRat   Comments (3)  

  Lost World Returns looking for 2D artists Editing    

Smiley_Nick from the Lost World Returns mod has announced that they are looking for 2D artists for their mod, on the BI Forums.

We are in the process of expanding our team and are looking for an enthusiastic individual with a passion for dinosaurs, or similar theme to join the team as a 2d artist.

Your primary position in the team will consist of 2d UV mapping for existing and pending models. You will be helping and taking an active part in the texture development and design of our dinosaurs with total freedom of creativity.

With a palaeontologist ready to help and a strong team of 18 members, some of which are in the game industry already, you will have a fantastic time with us.

You must be familiar with.

1.) UV Unwrapping and a creation.
2.) UV appliance to models.
3.) Specular Mapping.
4.) Bump Mapping.
5.) Normal Mapping.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join an expanding and exciting global development team, and will prove useful on your portfolio.

Please contact Nick Gregory via email for further details or reply here.

Contact -

  September 23rd, 2007 - 10:39 By Rellikki   Comments (4)  

  Training Targets released Addon release    
The french addon maker Gemini released his Training Targets in the BI Forums. You can view an example video HERE.

Hi all !

I needed some training targets for a mission, but thoses in the editor were not recognized by AI. So I decided to modify some values by myself.
For sure it's not a fantastic addon, but maybe it would be helpful for someone.

  September 23rd, 2007 - 09:16 By Deadeye   Comment (1) V0.3F Update Addon release have updated their Pack1 modification which contains various scripts and enhancements for Armed Assault on the BI Forums.

SIX_Misc Changes
* Made the pack compatible with ExtendedInitEventhandlers by Solus, v1.01 included with the package.
* Changed the Sides Array to use side objects instead of strings
SIX_CRDS Changes
* Cleaned up CRDS considerably, only starting certain scripts on units after they get hit, instead of spawning scripts at start that wait for conditions
* Volume Tuning... AGAIN...
SIX_Blood Changes
* Slightly Tuned settings, but still need to figure out what is causing slowdowns on some computers

I have updated the package on the server, aswell as made a copy and added "f" to the rar, just to be sure so you dont get the old version from cache (Only SIX_CRDS.pbo is updated).

Source : BI Forum Topic
  September 22nd, 2007 - 23:11 By Jason   Comment (0)  

  Galaxy at War returns! Screenshots    
Legislator from the Galaxy at War mod team has posted some WIP screenshots of their first work for ArmA on the BI Forums.

While Acacyn is going to finish the GaW mod for Operation Flashpoint in late 2007, Spacegoat of the Galaxy at War team has done some work and released pictures of his first Star Wars vehicle. The design is by himself. Further addons that are shown in Episode 2 and 3 will follow.

  September 22nd, 2007 - 17:36 By DaRat   Comments (5)  

  Operational Det. Alpha (ODA) v1.0 released Addon release    
Yossarian released version 1.0 of his Operational Det. Alpha (ODA) Units in the BI Forums.

12 man US army special forces ODA. There are around 8 new skins, all standalone with unique weapon loadouts. Read the README.
Ebud gets most of the credit. He gave me permission to use his textures. My work is mostly just copy/paste stuff with some minor edits.
eSwaadfrom the forums also get some credit. I used velcro from some of his textures.

  September 22nd, 2007 - 17:36 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  Spanish Army Pack Released Addon release    
Peloton has released his Spanish Army Mod on our forums. The mod contains Retextured units and vehicles representing the Modern Spanish Army.

  September 22nd, 2007 - 14:04 By DaRat   Comment (0)  

  PiLfIuS! v0.9 released General    
PiLfIuS! is a FREE speech recognition and command application specifically written with gamers in mind. It will identify whatever commands you speak into your microphone, and send keystrokes accordingly. Commands, and their respective keystrokes are fully configurable by the user.

Main features for this release:
- Completely revamped speech recognition core to support continuous speech recognition.
- Interference detection and Recognition confidence threshold for much improved accuracy.
- Mouse button presses and wheel motion emulation.
- Activation feature triggered by keyboard, mouse or joystick input.
- Significantly faster keystroke output

PiLfIuS! requires a SAPI-compatible Speech Recognition Engine to be installed in your computer, otherwise it won't open your Command Lists.

There is a chance you may already have one installed, but if you don't, you can download the Microsoft (r) Speech Recognition Engine for free off the net.

The download includes a pre-made command list for Armed Assault.

Click here to see it in action.

  September 22nd, 2007 - 11:17 By ATRAX   Comments (3)  

  Rellikki releases another teaser screenshot Screenshots    
Rellikki has clearly been busy recently with his SLA Redux addon and has released another Teaser screenshot in his thread on the BI Forums.

  September 21st, 2007 - 23:50 By DaRat   Comments (2)  

  OFPEC Interview with Artak Community    

OFPEC - The Editing Center has published another interview.

This time Artak, regarded as OFP veteran and Hoff enthusiast, gets interviewed and sits down for a long session revealing his history, giving his opinion on the community and giving out mission making hints. You can read the full interview here!

News sent by Cheetah

Source : OFPEC - The Editing Center
  September 21st, 2007 - 23:11 By pMASTER   Comments (2)  

  Airwolf Helicopter Beta released Addon release    
XPETIT has informed us that he completed his first beta version of the Airwolf Helicopter. This beta version has a fully modelled cockpit, working weapons and afterburner.

  September 21st, 2007 - 22:04 By Cervo   Comments (4)  

  Advance & Secure gametype templates Mission release    
Rambo-16AAB informed us, that the 16AAB Clan released their long awaited Advance & Secure gametype templates over at the BI Forums

Well, its been many many months of Hard work for our scripter, Armogeddon, but the Advance & Secure game type for Arma is finally ready for release.

The Maps have :
-Limited Vehicle respawns
-Sequential capturable zones.
-Capturable Spawn points
-Multiple settings for Capture times
-Multiple weather settings.
-Adjustable view distance to suit your PC
-Player numbers supported from 18 to over 80.

Source : Col Rambo 16AAB
  September 21st, 2007 - 11:38 By Deadeye   Comment (1)  

  Extended Init EventHandlers Version 1.1 released Addon release    
Solus released the latest Extended Init EventHandlers in the BI Forums.The newest version 1.1 fixes several minor bugs and adds the Extended Fired EventHandlers 1.0.

Version 1.1:
Fixed people in vehicles having no inits.
Included SightAdjustment example "bridge" addon that allows the GMJ_SightAdjustment addon to be used with other extended init event handler addons.
Also included is Extended Fired EventHandlers 1.0:

  September 21st, 2007 - 08:53 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

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