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  XAM 1.3:05 Released Addon release    

snake22000 has released his updated 1.3:05A EN XAM MOD, on the BI Forums.

This version is fully compatible with ArmA V1.08 .
"1.3:05B" will be compatible with 1.09.
This is a full version so, you have to uninstall your former versions of XAM.
In this version : reported bugs corrected, performances improved.

Special thanks to Naash for the XAM tactical guide traduction (available too, right now).


- Installation of the mines (leaping) less risky for the player.
- Icons editor of the mines (leaping, claymore and traditional) changed.
- The mines are not visible any more on ingame map.
- Corrections of the equipment to the respawn for some units.
- Lag caused by the explosions of vehicles slightly decreased.
- Correction of the error message related to the laser rangefinder in the cases of ammunition.
- The icon of the cases of ammunition XAM in the editor is now representative of the angle of this one in the play.
- Return of the normal external sight..
- Vulcan can from now on carry out a zoom in mode concerned.
- Correction of the bug which prevented the mines claymores from exploding in certain cases.
- Light improvement of the performances.
- Bug of blocking on the ladders fixed.
- Correction of the error message “cannot load texture XAM_gavr \ F \ 111.paa”.
- Correction of the bug of the white faces with the Ghillie snipers.
- It is from now on impossible to enter a vehicle tractor drawn by UH-60.
- The Musical radio is not active any more in parachute during the ejection of the player.
- Any soldier having a laser rangefinder (fed with a battery) can use the module of measurement on this one.

  October 29th, 2007 - 04:44 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

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