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  Saint Katherine (v 0.1)  
Picture of Saint Katherine Author : ramazoti Version : 0.1
Era : Modern Demo mission : No
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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • katherine.pbo
  • katherine_signs.pbo
  • egypt_flags.pbo
Description :
Saint Katherine Map Released

Hello Guys,
This is the 1st Egyptian desert map in Arma II OA. It's a real Area of Saint Katherine with 10Km*10km.
A lot of help and support from great people Like Jakerod, IceBreakr and Bushlurker made this map real.
The map has 1 main town, 2 medium sized towns good for (CQB), 1 big monstry and 11 small villges.

I wanted to put some custom 3D models but my experince in configs is not that good so it's still V0.10 and with the incoming updates i think it'll be much more richer than now.

this is my 1st map I've learned alot in each step I took and still there is a long way to go and learn more.

Note from Old Bear : the map need also 2 addons from Icebreakr's Isla Duala, so this island is also needed for :
- brg_Africa (latest version, not publicly released)
- ibr_dtowns

Isla Duala :
Picture of Picture of Picture of
Size : 112 MB
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