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  Standard Mission Naming by Celery  
Celery has posted this article about using standards in the name of multiplayers missions, in the BI Forums. We think that it is a great idea and that all missionmakers should use this simple and efficient naming protocol!

--- Mission name standard ---
This sticky is for everyone who is making multiplayer missions and I ask you to read and follow the standard for the convenience of the whole multiplayer community. This standard was used in Operation Flashpoint where it was used thankfully often but part of its success was because only the filenames needed to be written by the standard as the mission browser listed missions by their filenames.

In ArmA the standard has to expand into the actual mission names. The mission name is written in the editor in the same window where you set the weather and time conditions. The mission name matters now because it shows in the mission selection screen of a server.

Here is an example of your everyday mission name following the standard:

CO 06 Kill the AI

The name specifies these parts:
game type
maximum number of players
mission name

Below is a more complicated name, showing more pieces of information should the need arise:

FDF CTF@ 24 Flag Rambos v1 beta

The name specifies these parts:
mod tag
game type
addon tag
maximum number of players
mission name

--- Mods, leagues and clans ---

If the mission uses a modification, it should be stated at the start of the mission name to tell the players that the mod should be loaded on their game if they wish to play the mission. It should be written first to make it easier to either browse or skip the mod missions depending on if you can or want to play them or not.

Leagues should also use a tag and usually the mod tag's place will suffice. It's up to the league if they want to show their name at the beginning of the mission name or only after the game type. The advantage of the first option is that all missions of the league can be seen in one whole list, while the second one's advantage lies in ease of public play, so different missions are listed under their respective game types but the league missions are still listed in one bunch.

If a league's missions use a mod, a mod tag should be included in the beginning of the name after the possible league tag. If the league uses its own custom addon pack or mod, an addon tag should be used instead.

Two examples of league mission names:
ECL C&H 34 Metal Rain
CTF -Gc- 50 CAYO V1-06beta

A clan tag can also be used. In that case the tag can be either after the game type or after the mission name. If you're only making a single mission and not a series of missions of the same game type, it's best to leave the tag after the mission name for easier alphabetical browsing. A tag after the game type serves to list all missions of the same series together.

Two examples of clan mission names:
DM 10 VODKA! [MCY] v1.10

--- Game types ---

The following abbreviations are used:

CO - Cooperative (only AI opponents)
DM - Deathmatch
TDM - Team Deathmatch
C&H - Capture and Hold
SC - Sector Control
CTF - Capture the Flag
RCTF - Reverse Capture the Flag
Combi - Combination of C&H and CTF
CTI - Conquer the Island
A&D - Attack & Defend
OBJ - Objective
RC - Race
FF - Flag Fight
TFF - Team Flag Fight
E&E - Escape & Evasion
RTS - Real Time Strategy
Misc - Miscellaneous (unique concept not fitting in any category)

--- The addon (@) tag ---

The @ sign helps the server admin and joining players see that they must have the unofficial addons (not included in the vanilla game, expansions or patches) the mission requires to play. If the mission is made for a mod, a mod tag will suffice to tell everyone that they must have the mod. However if the mission uses an addon that the mentioned mod doesn't include, the @ sign becomes necessary again. The tag is attached to the end of the game type with no spaces.

Mission using an unofficial addon:
A&D@ 16 Addon Wars v666

Mission using the FDF mod:
FDF CO 08 Russian Hell

Mission using the FDF mod and an addon not included in the mod:
FDF TDM@ 12 Wanzer Fight v2

--- Player amount ---

The two digits before the mission name give away the maximum amount of people who can play the mission. Spectator slots can be left out of the count so players won't be confused when they don't get to play in the actual game afterall. The number has to be always written with two digits unless the mission actually has 100 slots or more. If the amount is lower than 10, a zero is written as the first digit so that the alphanumeric order is not confused.

--- Version ---

A version number is completely optional but highly recommended to better recognize possible different versions of the mission at first glance. The format of version numbering is free as long as it's consistent with other versions of your missions to make it easy to see which one is a more recent version.

--- Filenames ---

Although the mission name is the most visible part in Armed Assault, you should not forget about the significance of the filename. When managing missions on a server, the missions show with only their filenames in the ftp program and that's why it's smart to extend the naming format there. There are some differences, though.

1. Use small case letters only
The upcoming Linux server release may bring out a problem with upper case letters. If it's anything like in Flashpoint, an upper case letter in a filename prevents the mission from loading correctly on a Linux server. Although Linux admins can rename the mission themselves, you can save a lot of trouble this way. Remember to convert the .Sara or .Intro extension to lower case, too!

2. Use underscores in place of spaces
I'm not entirely sure of this, but Linux might have some problems with the space bar, too.

3. Leave dots to the extentions
If you have a dot (.) in the name of your mission, leave it out. If the version number uses a dot, replace it with a hyphen (-) in the filename.

ATTENTION: The above points need to be confirmed if they are true or false!

Examples of filenames:

--- Ending words ---

This standard's purpose is to make everyone's browsing easier and faster both as server admins and as players joining a game. Selfish naming policies such as adding special characters or brackets at the beginning of the name to make your mission show at the beginning of the list only disrupts the system so I ask you to have the willpower and discipline to follow the standard, no matter how special you think your mission is. The standard is open for changes as long as it contributes to its purpose or if there is a mistake somewhere in the current edition of this post.

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