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  Addon Sync 2009 (v 1.08 Beta)  
Picture of Addon Sync 2009 Author : Yoma
Version : 1.08 Beta Type : Multiplayer
Size : 1,20 MB  
Downloads : 2119 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 1 time)

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Description :
-download and compare addons from a repository (http or ftp based)
-md5 based compare of files to make sure you have correct file
-avoid downloading files by copying them locally if you allready have them (based upon MD5 cache database)
-Cache database of md5 records to speed up the process
-Integrated ftp module to upload addons
-Integrated sign tool support for easy signing of addons before generating online repository
-Integrated gamespy browser for easy addition of servers
-Integrated default server browser (keep tabs on your most liked servers)
-Integrated game launcher
-Gamespy browser has configurable and saveable filters
-Monitor a non Jip game and auto join when gamestatus changes
-Configurable modsets to use upon launch
-Launch custom apps before launching the game
-Users can configure a "server" by simply entering one "AutoConfig" URL.

.Net 2.0 or higher

More information and contact :

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Picture of Addon Sync 2009 Picture of Addon Sync 2009 Picture of Addon Sync 2009
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