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Join our Team

We are always looking for site staff members, who are interested in providing the community with the latest ArmA/ArmA2 releases and information.

In particular we are looking for :

- Newsposter
Adding the latest News to our site. This may include WIP pics, Videos or Addon releases.

- Mission Admin
Adding Missions/Campaigns to our database.

- Translator
Translating news into any language from our language section. Or maybe you want your native language present on our website?

- Game Server Admin:
Your job is to search for MP Missions and add the missions to our gameserver. This might include converting missions. If you are interested in setting up a regular event on our server this is also welcomed.

- News Spotter:
Your task will be to search through various ArmA Forums and websites in order to find newsworthy informations like addon releases, WIP stuff, interesting articles, tutorials and more. If you find something you'll only have to Send in the News, providing the download link, source and screenshots.


You will not need any requirements, such as coding knowledge in order to post a news. Our site system is extremly user friendly and allows you to prepare a news within a few minutes.
We have also prepared several easy to understand tutorials (text and video).
Furthermore the site team will assist you on every problem you may encounter.
All we are asking for is, that you are motivated to help us providing the latest news to the community.
We do not force you to write any news, and if you are able to post a few news items a week, that's just fine :) !

If we have sparked your interest just PM Deadeye, post in THIS Thread or write an E-Mail to :

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