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We are looking for people to help us develop this mod. We are a very small team at the moment (7 members) and are looking for people with a bit of experience in the modding community. Would prefer South African, Portuguese, Namibian, Cuban, or Angolan members but this is not a requirement (I speak, read and write English, Portuguese, Afrikaans and Spanish. Was also a soldier in this war 1982-84) correspondence in these languages will not be a problem.

We need:

- Modellers/texture artists add-ons
- Modellers/texture artists to make map content
- Script writers
- Dedicated Add-on beta testers
- Voice actors (English/Afrikaans/Portuguese)
- Texture artists to re-texture ArmA models with Angolan colour schemes

All we require is a measure of dedication towards the mod and adequate English skills. Modellers and texture artist don't need to be absolute masters of their trade, but no beginners either...

We are not necessarily looking for 'permanent' members, freelancers are more than welcome.

So, if you feel you can contribute, please contact us: If possible, please send pics of your work. You can also PM me in the Forum - ObmaR.


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