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  Aliens (v 4.0)  
Picture of Aliens Author : Ryan_D
Version : 4.0 Era : Sci-Fi Type : Aerials, Units
Size : 22 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 9747 Rating : 3.4 / 5 (rated 9 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • alien_weapons.pbo
  • barracuda.pbo
  • murdock_ufo.pbo
  • murdock_ufo2.pbo
  • murdock_ufo3.pbo
  • murdock_ufo4.pbo
  • tiger_shark_bomber.pbo
  • ufobb.pbo
  • ufobb_small.pbo
  • ufocw.pbo
  • ufocw_big.pbo
  • ufomothership.pbo
  • ufotriangle.pbo
  • Zabrak.pbo
  • zabrak2.pbo
Description :
Aliens v3.0 Addon Readme

What's New:
-Alien lifeforms!
-Many more UFO's including another version of Black Baron's, a mothership that's almost unstopable, and much more!
-UFO's now shoot lasers much more rapidly.
-New laser guns.
-Three new co-op missions; Independence Day, Paraiso Alien Attack and Rahmadi Alien Invasion (needs extended Rahmadi island - get here:
-Game logics which add more features for the UFO's such as making tripod noises (from the "War of the Worlds" movie) or escaping to space when seriously damaged.
-Bug fixes and much more.

Media (in order newest to oldest):

To install, extract the files from the addons folder in this zip to your "\ArmA\AddOns" directory and the files from the MPMissions folder to your "\ArmA\MPMissions" directory.

What's new since 3.0:
-All UFOs now have working turrets.
-The Mothership has been greatly modified to improve performance and ingame experience.
-Plama grenades for Alien Infantry.
-Missing Addon Bug in some MP missions fixed.
-Two additional alien related MP missions, which both don't use this addon (as they were actually created way before this addon was made).
-"Demon" Alien Infantry, who attack at close quarters.
-Laser weaponary have decreased recoil.
-New Shielded and Stealth Aliens.
-Additional Game Logics, for greater customisation in Missions.
-Many other fixes including the "out of ammo" bug, "black texture" bug and much more.

Ryan_D: Config Work, project leader, conversion from OFP format.
Damarus: Creator of the Zabrak AddOn.
Sileny Murdock: Creator of the Murdock UFO addon.
Black Baron: Creator of the Blackhofen UFO addon.
Spad: Creator of the Laser Gun models and the Barracuda and Tigershark UFOs, also created many of the sounds used.
Solus: Creator of the Model used for the Alien Lifeforms.
IceBreakR: Modified the model made by Solus for use in this Addon. Created some of the Alien Skins.
Colonel Well: Created some of the Alien Skins.
Linker Split: Provided valuable help in getting turrets working.
D@VE: Created the Stealth and Shielded Aliens. Optimised some of the Models for use in ArmA. Completely to blame for the readme.

Thanks alot - couldn't have done it without you's!


This addon is packed with 7-zip, a packer tool similar to Winrar. You can get it from HERE, but the files can also be extracted with Winrar.
Picture of Aliens Picture of Aliens Picture of Aliens Picture of Aliens Picture of Aliens
Size : 22 MB
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