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  Fixed Range Nightvision (v 0.4)  
Picture of Fixed Range Nightvision Author : s_Hole
Version : 0.4 Era : Modern Type : Objects, Misc
Size : 14 KB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 3865 Rating : 4.7 / 5 (rated 3 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • S_NVG.pbo
Description :
S_NVG, fixed range nightvision, or how i learned to stop crying and love the nightvision.

the purpose of this addon is to disable the disliked nightvision HDR effect

Gameplay notes:
-The NV sensivity is set by default to 1.5, which is good for most nights of the year.
-You can adjust the sensivity by PageUp and PageDown keys.
-You can switch the game's stock automatic nightvision adjustment on and off from your action menu. It is disabled by default.

for ideas and suggestions, comment in the forum thread or mail me at

v0.1: initial release
v0.2: a number of issues fixed;
- no longer conflicts with BIS' nvg.. you no more have to unassign the key.. the addon automatically deals with this
- cleaned up the code some.. it actually makes sense now
- eliminated the hack delay when taking off the nvg
- made it slightly darker.. it was oversensitive for most nights
v0.3: stuff fixed;
- works with all missions now
- extended eventhandlers :O
- added an action to toggle HDR on and off
- no longer conflicts with GMJ_SightAdjustment nor SightAdjustment_AutoInit
- fixed issue where script ran for every npc, which was dumb
- vehicles should work properly now
- death, teamswitch and some other issues are addressed, but not foolproof
- other stupid bugs i squashed but can't remember anymore
- added keys to change NV sensitivity (page up and page down)
Picture of Fixed Range Nightvision Picture of Fixed Range Nightvision Picture of Fixed Range Nightvision
Size : 14 KB
  March 29th, 2008 - 12:04   Comment (1)  

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