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  Arma 3 Community Event : 'the Dirty Dozen' Community    

Jerry Hopper and LimnosRadio are giving you the opportunity to fire your questions about Arma3, and get an personal answer from Bohemia Interactive. On LimnosRadio new upcoming show 'the Dirty Dozen' Limnosradio goes up close and personal with your questions.

On the show, conveniently called 'the dirty dozen' Jerry will select questions, submitted by the community and fire them at the ArmA3 dev team. Unlike any other 'interview' you will be able to hear the the dev-team aswering your questions.

This unique opportunity give you the chance to get real answers right from the source. Not only can you ask your question to Ivan Buchta, but almost every expertise is present as almost all developers are available to answer your questions.

LimnosRadio is giving you the oppertunity to fire your questions about Arma3, and get an personal answer from Bohemia Interactive. In our new upcoming show 'the Dirty Dozen' Limnosradio goes up close and personal with your questions.

Submit your question via skype or our webbased voice-recorder, where you have 1 minute to ask your question about arma3. Please be so kind to introduce yourself politely, so both we and the BIS team can personally address you.

Although it is possible to submit your questions thru email or the BI-Forums, voice questions are preferred for this show. We will collect and review all questions and in each episode we will select 12 of your submitted questions, and get some input from the following people who are available for answering the questions:

- project leader
- lead mission designer
- lead systems designer
- designers / scripters
- GUI design team
- mastering / config designers
- lead artist
- animations supervisor
- lead environment artist
- artists
- sound engineer / musician
- marketing specialist
- creative Jay
- creative Ivan
- some programmer(s)

How to submit your question?

There are three way's of submitting your questions.
By Skype, Call our 24/7 hotline via Skype name : limnosradio
By our 'Raise your Voice' Web-recorder, Use our flash based recorder .
By Email, Send us your audio-file ( max 1 minute ) in MP3 or WAV format.

For all of the above, please review your recording where possible. Check your microphone settings to ensure your questions will be accepted because of the audio quality. Try to introduce yourself in the start of the recording. You could use a starting line like 'Hello, my name is John Doe from the USA, ....'

The airing date is around June, so you have quite some time to think of a good question ... or buy a microphone.

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  ArmA3 Stratis Showcase trailer. Videos    

As previously announced by Bohemia Interactive, Here is the new intel.
Today we announce the inclusion of an additional island in Arma 3. Situated in the North Aegean and stretching over 19 square kilometres, Stratis adds geographical variety and expands the game’s massive military sandbox. The reveal is supported by a brand new trailer, screenshots and info on the Community Alpha!
We’ve also updated the website with some intel on the Stratis geography, history and situation.

Source :
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  New ArmA3 screenshot Screenshots    

Jerry Hopper informed us about the launch of his ArmA3 fansite

To celebrate the launch, LimnosRadio is presenting you with a exclusive ArmA3 screenshot, a small gift which will be the first of many, and other exclusive Arma3 events.

In the near future, several interviews are planned with community-members as wel as Bohemia Interactive officials, as wel as a competition where you can win some unique prizes.

Source : Limnosradio
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  Report In: Animations Interview ... and new video. Videos    
From Arma3 official web site , some infos about animation enhancements and a video as sneak peek at an upcoming intel.

Animations are a big part of the improvements planned for Arma 3. Their development touches upon various aspects of the core gameplay, be it weapon handling, manoeuvring around obstacles or even whole new avenues of gameplay, such as scuba-diving.

The ‘little things’ are important, too. Facial expressions, weapon reload/firing animations – even the odd goat tottering through your line of fire – these elements all come together to create a more engaging, tactile gaming experience.

Since Arma 2, we’ve invested in new hardware, which helps us to improve the quality of our work. Bohemia Interactive now utilises three optical motion capture systems, including high-end Raptor-4 cameras from Motion Analysis Corp.

Over the next few months, we’ll certainly have a lot to cover as we introduce some of these fantastic new features and refinements. Today, though, we’d like to kick things off by way of a quick chat with Arma 3’s resident Animations Tsar, Zdeněk Vespalec, who talks about new weapons animations, multiplayer ragdoll, and more!

“Another feature worth mentioning is ‘alternate poses’, [...] With them, you can adjust to have a high/low or left/right variant to each stance. In terms of gameplay, we’d expect to see improvements in finding effective cover and being able to fire from it.”

Click here to read the full interview across on the Bohemia Interactive homepage, along with a number of behind the scenes images!

And, below, we’ve got a special bonus video! It’s a sneak peek at an upcoming intel update, and a chance to see some of the new lighting and animations at work:

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