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  Report In! - Interview with Pavel Guglava Official    
Together with today's interview about Arma 3's new lighting from BI Developer's Blog , we've got a special bonus video!
It's a developer's look a some of the lighting at work, and a sneak peek at some of the forthcoming E3 2012 content!

Next up in our 'Report In!' series, a discussion with one of Bohemia Interactive's veteran artists, a selection of new screens, and a fantastic showcase video have been declassified and are ready for immediate analysis!

We're often asked to let some of our people talk about what it's like to develop a game at Bohemia Interactive (BI). 'Report In!' gives you a more personal perspective on our team, a more detailed look at the way we go about our work, and fresh information about our ongoing projects.

In the spotlight this week is Pavel 'Gugla' Guglava, who's responsible for the overall colour and lighting settings of Arma 3 (A3), and drives much of the research and graphical advancements of the Real Virtuality (RV) engine. Below, we focus upon some of the fantastic advancements to lighting, taking a look at how these new changes improve the overall 'look and feel' of A3, the underlying gameplay, and how everything fits together with engine optimisations.

Look & Feel
How did you begin the task of 'improving lighting' in A3? What does it really mean, anyway?

Gugla: The impulse to improve lighting in the RV engine has been present during all my years in BI. Thanks to some key changes in HDR (High Dynamic Range), we’ve been able to finish most of our 'wishlist' of improvements to lighting, point-lights and even in light-emissive materials. The goal was always clear: make the lighting as realistic as possible.

The HDR improvements chiefly address the improvement of shading in the game environment. High Dynamic Range basically means the brightness of the picture adjusts to the light conditions in the scene, so player can see the surrounding environment in the best quality - neither too dark nor too bright.

Night-time in A3 already feels a lot more engaging, but it's made up by various subtle advancements working together. What, for you, is the one stand-out improvement-in-progress?

Gugla: I have to go with the glorious HDR improvement. Without this, none of the implemented enhancements to lighting and light-emissive materials would even be possible!
Vehicles :: Almost all our vehicles now feature improved headlights, taillights, and more...

The new volumetric cloud technology, which we've already seen rolled out with Take On Helicopters, has a big impact upon the feel of any scene. What further enhancements have been made with A3?

Gugla: Clouds are part of the lighting setup. It is possible to continually change their brightness and colour both during the night and day to reflect different lighting conditions. For A3, cloud settings have been adjusted to best match the location (partly a product of the research done in the field) and a performance optimisation. When you're in an early-morning mission, I dare you to take a breath and just enjoy the sunrise.

Read the full interview on the BI Developer's Blog

And here is the special bonus video !

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