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  ArmA 2 IRC Client (v 0.0.11beta)  
Picture of ArmA 2 IRC Client Author : ArMaTeC
Version : 0.0.11beta Type : Modding
Size : 609 KB  
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Description :
An very simple and easy to use IRC Client to support the #ArmA2 IRC Channel.

Quote Armatech :

I created this to help support the ArmA2 IRC channel it's very basic but its free and easy to use.

If you minimize it, it will pop over when a new message arrives.

If you want to know what it t can do type /help while beeing connected to the #ArmA2 channel
It doesn't support private chats in this version

  March 5th, 2009 - 17:38   Comment (0)  

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