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  Invasion1944-ArmA Mod (v 1.1)  
Picture of Invasion1944-ArmA Mod Author : Invasion 1944
Version : 1.1 Era : WWII Type : Total Conversion
Size : 493 MB 7z Demo mission : No
Downloads : 15995 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 11 times)

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Description :
Invasion1944-ArmA Mod v1.1

The first and final "patch" for our ArmA1 project "Invasion 1944: D-Day" has been released. This is actually a re-release, because so many files were changed that we decided to include all files, so you don't have to download outdated things that are in 1.0 as well as the new versions in 1.1, but can download it all in one go (493MB instead of more than 1.100MB). Remove the previous version (v.1.0) completely first, and then unzip the contents of the 1.1 archive to your ArmA1 folder (complete instructions are in the included DOCUMENTS/readme.rtf file).

No more work will be carried out on ArmA1. We will now focus fully on ArmA2.

We did a lot of testing for multiplayer compatibility with the help of the Silent Warriors squad. The mod should now work better in multiplayer (as well as single player obviously). A lot of minor tweaks aren't mentioned in the changelog, but the most prominent ones are.


- Bikeys;
- Sherman Firefly (to balance the advantage of the German armour especially for MP use in games with fewer players (real-life 4:1 ratio not attainable)), M5A1 Stuart;
- US tank crew;
- Calibrated sights on all Allied tank, as well as on the German tanks;
- Resupply vehicles (ammo, fuel and repair) for the US side, German ones as well although it uses the standard Opel Blitz without canopy, visually different ones will be added in ArmA2;
- Ammoboxes;
- Main menu cutscene for the Omaha "island";
- Multiplayer missions I44_COOP_Aloft_1-16, I44_COOP_Battery_1-16 and I44_COOP_Invasion_1-32;
- Tank shell ballistics coding;
- C-47 from OFP, unoptimized, but should be ok for missions;
- Added some LODs to various items.

- Put in the right (newest) omahapbo and campaignpbo, 1.0 release contained older versions;
- Screaming and bleeding out was accidentally disabled in the first release;
- Mounted MG have zero dispersion;
- Tiger's Radio Operator MG realigned;
- Sight script error fixed;
- Parachute ground object fixed;
- M3 Halftrack didn't work for some people;
- Other misc. fixes.

- Wounded scripts to help MP missions;
- Improved first campaign mission;
- Dropping of PzF30 removed, coding was identical to other PzF, but only PzF30 caused crashes;
- Bullet impacts on dirt toned down (harder to see at distance now, before it was too bright);
- Removed the M1919 tripod from ammo boxes;
- Removed "back seat" from FlaK38;
- Other misc. changes.
Picture of Invasion1944-ArmA Mod Picture of Invasion1944-ArmA Mod
Size : 493 MB 7z
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