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  CUP Terrains Core (v 1.0.1)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : CUP - Community Upgrade Project
Version : 1.0.1 Era : Modern Type : Total Conversion
Size : 6 Go Demo mission : No
Downloads : 630 No rating for this addon.

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N/A None
Description :
CUP Terrains Core v1.0.1

CUP Terrains Core, featuring only the data necessary for the terrains, but none terrain itself.
Useful for thosewho only want to use CUP Terrains with 3rd-party terrains.
But beware: some 3rd-party maps might be dependent on BI terrains.

Version 1.0.1 (02.01.2015)
+ ADDED: Editor entries for A1 and A2 objects
+ ADDED: Support for MapBuilder

@ FIXED: Missing AiA TP compatibility entries
@ FIXED: Wrong faction configuration leading to potential CTD when using 3DEN
@ FIXED: Bargate rotated by 90° on ArmA2 maps
ATTENTION terrain creators: those of who you already compensated the wrong rotation
on their ArmA3 terrains, might need to compensate that again

^ IMPROVED: Different signature keys for Core and Maps (Full will be signed with Core + Maps)

Version 1.0 (24|12|2015)
initial release
Size : 6 Go
  December 27th, 2015 - 12:11   Comment (0)  

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