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  CBA v0-8-3  
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Version : N/A Era : N/A Type : Misc
Size : 424 KB 7z Demo mission : No
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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
CBA: Community Base Addons

Online wiki at
Online function library reference at

@CBA => Copy this directory to your Arma II game directory (see manual for more details).
@CBA_OA => Copy this aswell, but only if you have a standalone Operation Arrowhead installation.
@CBA_A2 => Copy this if you have ArmA II but not Arrowhead.
@CBA/store/wiki.tar => Tar archive of the online wiki. This is a copy of the DevHeaven wiki at the time of release.
@CBA/store/function_library.tar => Tar archive of the the function/macro reference.
@CBA/store/keys/ => Server keys for addons.
@CBA/store/source/ => Source files for all addons.

Commercial and military usage prohibited.

What do I need?
* You should always install the @CBA mod folder by copying it to your ArmA II installation

* If you have a "merged" or "seperate", Combined Operations installation with both the old ArmA II
content and the new Arrowhead expansion, you're done - you only need the @CBA mod folder.

* If you only have a standalone Operation Arrowhead installation, you need both the @CBA
and the @CBA_OA folders loaded.

* If you only have the older ArmA II installed, you need both the @CBA and the
@CBA_A2 folders loaded.

Example startup parameters

For Combined Operations (ArmA II and Arrowhead launched together):


For a standalone Operation Arrowhead:


For ArmA II only (people without Arrowhead):

Size : 424 KB 7z
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