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  MCAGCC 29 Palms terrain by phaeden Addon release    

phaeden has released his MCAGCC 29 Palms (Public Beta) terrain on the BI Forums.

I am happy to finally announce a BETA version of my MCAGCC 29 Palms terrain.
This terrain is based on the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center base in California. I have been working on this terrain/buildings since 2007
Please, please, please, keep in mind that this is a BETA – I know it is not complete. There are still known issues with the terrain and the buildings (such as bushes on roads, an occasional telephone pole sticking through a building, the damage values and rates of building destruction (they currently just disappear from existence when destroyed) and the AI not taxiing properly at the main airfield.) Additionally, most of the buildings are not as complete as I would prefer. Some of the buildings are still very basic.

Please note that this is not a 1-to-1 direct translation of real world to game. There are differences. The overall “feel” is representative of the real base but I’ve taken creative license and added and removed some things to either improve gameplay or keep me from going insane. For example, I have created a lot of custom buildings but I have not created (or even attempted to create) every type of building found on the base or in the nearby civilian areas. You will also quickly note that the buildings are not the most detailed or prettiest buildings around. This was done intentionally to keep the poly count low so you can increase the number of buildings and the draw distance without a drop in frame rates.
The island is generally comprised of several areas:

* towns and residential areas
- about half of the developed areas are based on real locations and aligned with satellite imagery
- the other half is fictional but also based on real town layouts
- there is also a large “desert” residential area in the southwest area of the map based on real data
* military training areas
- includes realistic buildings and layouts (MOUT)
- firing ranges
* airfields (ranging from very large and well developed to simple, single strips)
* mountains and hills
* flat areas

Again, my overall goal is to provide players with a lot of space that can be used for combined arms combat. I am hopeful that with all the amazing mission makers and dedicated teams, people will be able to have some truly awesome experiences on the terrain. With the low poly buildings and incredible view distances, I am hoping that truly unique missions are even more possible than with most/many other islands available (there’s nothing like calling in CAS that is flying at 1 mile up that can see the same target you see).

If you’re interested in helping to finish up the buildings, please just let me know. Most needed are people to help finish the actual models. Secondary would be help with improving the textures. All help is appreciated.

  August 29th, 2012 - 20:41 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Project CDF v 1.07 released Addon release    

GossamerSolid has released an updated Project CDF v 1.07 on the BI Forums. Arma2 : Combined Operations needed.

Project CDF is a mod that is aimed at extending the content available to the fictional Green Sea Region. It originally started as a small project to expand the Chernarus Defence Forces, but has blossomed into quite a large project which has greatly expanded content on the CDF side as well as the inclusion of a brand new faction: The People's Republic of South Zagoria.

Version 1.07

+ Fixed Steering Wheel for UAZ-451
+ Fixed PCDF_CDF_Engineer_2011 - isEngineer changed to Engineer
+ Fixed 2S1 could incorrectly have passengers
+ Fixed PCDF_PRSZ_Militia_AT display name
+ Fixed Mig-29 Flare launch positions
+ Fixed Preprocessor failed on file pcdf_fixedwing\data\mig21\planedestruct_co.paa - error 7 (For real this time)
+ Fixed CDF Western troop's neck clothing
+ Fixed BMP-1 AT3 missile no longer moves back with cannon recoil on main gun
+ Changed Mig-29 Flight model
+ Changed faction classnames (PCDF_Chernarus, PCDF_PRSZ, PCDF_RU)
+ Changed RVMat for UAZ-451, T-64B/BV
+ Changed UAZ-451 to inherit sounds from UAZ instead of Lada
+ Changed BRDM2 crew to be regular soldiers
+ New Picture/Icon for Mig-29
+ New Material textures for UAZ-451
+ New Texture for CDF Western Office's hat
+ New Texture for CDF/PRSZ Mig-21
+ New CDF Western Unarmed soldier model
+ Added Russian Federation to Opfor
+ Added Wreck model for Mig-29
+ Added new Russian Infantry models
+ Added more PRSZ People's Militia models
+ Added PRSZ "Kinzhal" Police division
+ Added PRSZ Police BRDM-2, UAZ-451, Lada
+ Added Desert Camo CDF Troops (both Eastern and Western equipped)
+ Added BMP-1P, BMP-2 Series, 2S1, T-72M1, T-80BV/U, MIG-29 to Russia
+ Added Damaged/Destroyed Textures to UAZ-451, BMP-1/1P, T-64B/BV, T-72M1, T-80B/BV/U
+ Added Wound textures to CDF Western Troops
+ Added FN FNC Series (Thanks to AtomicTim/18th Pechotni Pluk Tactical Realism Unit)
+ Added Vilas' eastern weapons pack
+ Removed two lowest quality LODs on BMP-1/1P
+ Temporarily Removed 2S1 until I can get the artillery computer working properly

  August 29th, 2012 - 19:26 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Invasion 1944 v2.62 released Addon release    

PacUK from Invasion 1944 Mod has released Invasion 1944 v2.62 patch on the BI Forums.

Changelog 2.62
- New: Panzerfaust 60 and 30 models by Kraetzer
- New: panzerfaust sound
- New: Backblast smoke from AT launchers
- New: British winter infantry
- New: Panther G model with various additions to crew anims, random appearence etc.
- New: Improved melee scripts, attaching bayonet automatically engages bayonet charge mode now (Shift+1/2 no longer required)
- New: Tank interior sounds
- New: PanzerII model
- New: Flying debris on explosions
- New: Sounds overhaul for vehicles, weapons, explosions and sonic cracks
- New: Main menu appearance and loading screen
- New: Neaville map by McNools
- New: Merderet_V2 map with various improvements, new locations and fixes
- New: Lee Enfield rifle model replaced (credits: BI)
- New: Luftwaffe Pilots by Yac
- New: Tank HUD

- Added: M1 Garand, Carbines, and M1919A4/6 updated models and textures by Yac
- Added: New M1A1 Thompson model by Babylonjoke
- Added: New G43 model by Macolik and Yac
- Added: New PzIV_D model by Vex_Man and Macolik
- Added: swapped out colt model with BI's colt
- Added: Machinegunner M1919A6's to all US Airborne factions
- Added: Multiple sights to Thompson, M1 Garand+M7 Grenade launcher, SMLE No. 4 scoped, press optics key (/ on Numpad by default) to switch optics

- Fixed: multiple ground parachute models in mp
- Fixed: fixed NVG skeleton selection (glasses position) on Airborne units.
- Fixed: ViewLOD on german camo infantry (head was visible)
- Fixed: Errors in churchill geo LOD
- Fixed: Tracks not moving on winter Tiger VI (porsche)
- Fixed: Various improvements to weapon resting scripts made
- Fixed: Weapon resting in vehicles
- Fixed: weapon rest icon sticking on after death
- Fixed: modified merderet winter intro in hopes of preventing "man inside of man" bug
- Fixed: Tank cannon smoke overhauled
- Fixed: M4 Shermans suspension fixed
- Fixed: M4 Sherman slightly corrected geometry lod
- Fixed: New sight for Sherman periscopes (all positions except for gunner).
- Fixed: Cleaned up cromwell/churchill gun sight
- Fixed: wheat clutter object
- Fixed: merderet_V1 uv error fixed, wheat fixed, texture mask improved. (v1 and v2)
- Fixed: merderet_winter texture mask improved, floating building & uv error fixed,
- Fixed: I44_man_g_winter fixed proxy positions (iron sights now work correctly)
- Fixed: corrected engineer base classes (wrong model)
- Fixed: added 250rnd mags for mg42, 30cal, vickers to crates, all faction backpacks rebalanced
- Fixed: lee-enfield bayonet not attachable
- Fixed: PzKpfwIV_G - corrected Fire Geometry
- Fixed: radio backpacks (now carry primary ammo + grenades)
- Fixed: all backpack contents overhauled
- Fixed: fixed FTHUD for both merderet_v1 and _v2
- Fixed: several issues with Armor module corrected

Click HERE for instructions on how to download
and install Invasion 1944 using Play with Six

  August 29th, 2012 - 18:49 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  German Armed Forces - WIP Screenshots & Video Screenshots    

The Task Force 141-team has released a short WIP-video showing the armored vehicle-launched bridge in action and some WIP-screenshots of the tanks Leopard 1 and Biber in different new versions.

Source : GAF-Infothread on
  August 29th, 2012 - 09:54 By Andi31   Comments (2)  

  SOC-R Special Operations Craft v1.4 by hcpookie Addon release    
hcpookie has released an updated SOC-R Special Operations Craft v1.4 addon on the BI Forums.

The SOC-R boat is a Special Operations craft designed to transport a SF crew of 8 into shallow waters. The craft is designed for high survivability in the form of overwhelming firepower. There are two versions in this addon - the M2 version and the M134 version. The M2 version consists of 2-M2 MGs in the front, 2 M240 MGs on the side, and a rear Mk19 grenade launcher. The M134 version has 2 forward M134's, 2 side Mk19s, and a rear M2 MG. The addon contains both USMC Fore Recon and US Special Forces versions (total of 4 vehicles).

v1.4: 8/22/2012
-NEW: Ammo belt end (bullet hide) animations
-NEW: Stringtable localizations
-IMPROVED: Vehicle hull lowered in water

- v1.4 MLODs available in download location :

  August 25th, 2012 - 10:46 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  VME PLA MOD for Combined Operations Addon release    

Alex.XP has released an updated VME PLA MOD for ARMA2+ARMA2:OA (1.60) Improvement Version on the BI Forums.

Update 2013-08-22
VME PLA MOD for ARMA2+ARMA2:OA (1.60) Improvement Version
- Chinese voice
- J-10B fighter
- QCW05/Type-05 5.8x21mm silenced SMG
- J-20 Stealth Fighter
- Y-9 Tactical Transport Aircraft
- DF-15 Short Range Ballistic Missile with a massive conventional warhead
- and more configurations for the J-10B Fighter.

Source :
  August 23rd, 2012 - 14:27 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

  PRADAR 1.2 by Blakeace Addon release    
blakeace has informed us about Blake's PRADAR (Player Radar) v1.2 release on the BI Forums.

... One of the things I found frustrating at times was my situational awareness, involving both my group members as well as my ability to interact with other groups effectively. The more visual clues that are available help reduce the critical communications channels to more important transmissions. Rather than the usual who's that or where are you etc. This was even more valuable to me when leading a group.

Knowing quickly where players are helps you to quickly issue orders more effectively. Espessially in time critical moments.
Using mods that highlighted names helped, but generally required you to focus your cursor over them. That is if you have one visible.
I like a minimal information display ideally, the more data presented constantly makes me feel more like a terminator visual interface than a basic grunt on the ground. Bright red names like neon signs really didn't help the immersion for me personally. ...

Added: Code to check if the name command is returning "Error: No unit"
Changed: Removed the large dot displayed of the players vehicle when the player was in that vehicle.
Added: A list that displays current players who are in the vehicle you are in if you hold space and don't have the cursor over any objects. It also lists their position in the vehicle.
Changed: Colour scheme for the lists. Personal lists e.g. Current vehicle occupants or current group loadout list are green with black text. Cursor lists which detail other vehicle occupants or a single units current loadout are displayed black with green text.
Changed: How closet units are found from nearestobjects to nearentities. This fixesthe issue where pausing occurs since the Arma 1.62 patch.
Added: Code to not display a label for one cycle of code if it is switching objects it is labelling.
Changed: Optimised the code more to help fix the Arma 1.62 patch issue.

  August 22nd, 2012 - 09:08 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  IJA Type 97 Chi-Ha + IJA Units (Hot Fix) by neoko2000 Addon release    
neoko2000 has submited an updated IJA Type 97 Chi-Ha Ver Fina WWII tank addon on our site. Imperial Japan units included in this release. ArmA2 : Combined Operations needed.

WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Type 97 Chi-Ha

The Type 97 Chi-Ha was a medium tank used by the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War, at Nomonhan against the Soviet Union, and in the Second World War. It was the most widely produced Japanese medium tank of World War 2, although the armor protection was considered as average in the 1930s. The 57 mm main gun, designed to support the infantry, was a carry over from the 1933 Type 89 medium tank. Later it was replaced by 47 mm gun more effective against enemy armor.
The 170 hp Mitsubishi engine was a capable engine for the tank in 1938,it was a nonflammable diesel. After 1941, the tank was considered less effective than most Allied tank designs.
The Type 97's low silhouette and semicircular radio antenna on the turret distinguished the tank from its contemporaries.
The crude suspension was derived from the Type 95 Ha-Go light tank, but used six road wheels instead of four.

Ver Final + Hot Fix.
Added:Changed Late Ver Type97's Decal
Added: IJA Units.

Ver Final
Added:Changed RVmat.
Added: Late Version Chi-ha, Another camo Chi-ha.

  August 17th, 2012 - 09:19 By Old Bear   Comments (4)  

  Taviana Island : Beta 3 released Addon release    

Martin has informed us about Taviana Island Beta 3 release on the BI Forums. ArmA 2 or ArmA 2 Combined Arms needed.

Finally after months of back braking work, Taviana Island BETA 3 has been released. This BETA fixes bugs found in the previous version, as well as adding 20km2 of new land and new features such as one more airport, a huge port, jail located on a separate island and much more!

Source : BIS Forums
  August 17th, 2012 - 08:19 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Soldiers in Flecktarn (1993 - 2004) 1.1 by Marseille77 Addon release    
Marseille77 has released an updated Soldiers in Flecktarn (1993 - 2004) 1.1 addon on the BI Forums. BWMod 1.7 and German Weapon Pack 1.41 needed.

This pack deals about the German Troops in flecktarn camouflage which was introduced since 1990 after 20 years of testing.
There exist four different main variations of this camo. In this pack you are see the version from 1990 til 2004 with brighter
colors (brown is more red e.g.). After 2004 this camo is known as jungle flecktarn. The camo today is more darker/saturated. The third is desert and the fourth the upcoming snow variant which is tested by the KSK.

- Flecktarn camo lighter
- some minor helmet changes
- recon tank crew texture bug fixed
- leaders of 1995 now has a MP2 instead G3

  August 15th, 2012 - 09:04 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

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