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  Saint Katherine Map by ramazoti Addon release    
ramazoti aka "Omar" has released his Saint Katherine Map on the BI Forums

Hello Guys,
This is the 1st Egyptian desert map in Arma II OA. It's a real Area of Saint Katherine with 10Km*10km.
A lot of help and support from great people Like Jakerod, IceBreakr and Bushlurker made this map real.
The map has 1 main town, 2 medium sized towns good for (CQB), 1 big monstry and 11 small villges.

I wanted to put some custom 3D models but my experince in configs is not that good so it's still V0.10 and with the incoming updates i think it'll be much more richer than now.

This is my 1st map I've learned alot in each step I took and still there is a long way to go and learn more.

Note from Old Bear : the map need also 2 addons from Icebreakr's Isla Duala, so this island is also needed for :
- brg_Africa (latest version, not publicly released)
- ibr_dtowns.

  March 29th, 2013 - 23:47 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

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