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  Breaking the 32 bit Barrier Official    

Ondřej Španěl has posted a new entry on the Bohemia Interactive Developer's Blog
about the Virtual Address Space problems in ArmA. It looks like a great new for those experiencing memory limitation errors or triangle mess on their screen. There is also announcement of the 1.11 patch.

Ever since ArmA was published, one of the biggest problems with stability and compatibility was caused by virtual address space exhaustion. The problem is the game needs to store a lot of data, using a lot of virtual addresses, and at the same time a large amount of virtual address space are used by other parts of the system, most notable of them being the graphics card driver. The problem started even before ArmA was published, back in the times of Operation Flashpoint, when the first graphics cards with 256 MB RAM or more appeared.
Now what happens is that each application is given 2 GB of address space by the operating system. 2 GB sounds somewhat limiting, however it's not that bad - few people have more RAM in their computers anyway. Now the important thing to note is we are not talking about RAM (physical memory) here, we are talking about the address space. The application is limited to 2 GB address space, so if your system has 512 MB RAM or 4 GB - it does not matter here at all.
Those 2 GB are used for everything the application needs. Recent graphics cards drivers often eat several hundred of MB from this. To make it even worse, there are some system components which do not eat big parts, but eat them here and there, making the space fragmented into multiple small regions. My experience shows it is almost impossible for the game code to allocate more than around 700-900 MB of virtual space without the system becoming extremely unstable.
This mean once a game allocates too much of the virtual space, very strange things start to happen, like a triangle mess on the screen, or sometimes even a system reboot.
And they one day, an idea came, as such ideas usually do, from nowhere. As usual with such ideas, once the system is implemented, it seems very obvious, but I never heard about it being used before, therefore I am quite proud to have invented it. I call this technique Non-addressable Memory Store.

The technique is based on using the File Mapping API. Yes, you hear well, the same API which caused problems with Flashpoint, but this time it is used a very different way, using it not to read the files, but as a way to allocate memory: ...
Available to You in the Nearest Patch
This memory handling will be published in the upcoming 1.11 patch, and I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Read full article on Bohemia Interactive Developer's Blog

  March 12th, 2008 - 15:55 By Old Bear   Comments (9)  

  BIS releases MLOD models Official    

BIS has released MLOD versions of all of the models included in ArmA, so that addonmakers can use them. The EULA contains some important differences from that of the selection of MLOD models released earlier. Please make sure you read and agree to the terms in the EULA before using them. would like to thank BIS for once again supporting the community! :)

Source : Jahve
  February 21st, 2008 - 23:01 By JdB   Comments (15)  

  ArmA BattlEye Released Official    
Maruk, CEO of Bohemia Interactive studios has released the ArmA BattlEye utility for Armed Assault over on the Official Forums.

Fighting cheaters in multiplayer games was one of our priorites for ArmA Patch 1.09. As part of this effort, third party application BattlEye is now integrated in ArmA Beta Patch 1.09.

In order to get it work, specific dll need to be installed on the server and also all clients joining the game - download the installer below containing public betaversion of BattlEye for ArmA 1.09beta only.

Source : BI Forums
  January 4th, 2008 - 16:08 By DaRat   Comments (2)  

  ArmA Beta Patch 1.09 Official    

Bohemia Interactive has released an ArmA Beta Patch 1.09 on the Community WiKi. Full engine and data changelogs are to be founded on the WiKi.


* significantly smoother gameplay on Northern part of Sahrani (up to 100% increase in frame rate depending on scene, video settings and graphics card)
* combat AI improvements
* voice over net and multiplayer related fixes and improvements
* new anti cheating methods in multiplayer (including optional depending on server settings: if enabled, be server and be client dlls will be used and automatically updated to your computer)
* fixed compatibility problems caused by various copy protections used
* fog is rendered correctly on DX10 generation cards
* new scripting functions (string manipulation, multiplayer synchronization)

  December 21st, 2007 - 19:01 By Old Bear   Comments (6)  

  BI Editing Tool Suite Release Candidate 3 Official    

Maruk from the Bohemia Interactive Studios released the latest BI Editing Tool Suite (RC3) over at the BI Forums.

This package will install complete editing tool suite for Bohemia Interactive's game engine used in ARMA.

The suite consists from:

Oxygen 2 Personal Edition - model editing and animation package
Visitor 3 Personal Edition - terrain and map editing
TexView 2 - texture convertor and viewer
BinPBO Personal Edition - packer
Sound Tools - sound and lipsync utilities
BinMake - conversion tool
Tools Drive - main working directory for tools with mandatory data files

For more information about the tools included please visit

The Personal Edition Tool Suite is provided free of charge for any non-commercial use without any support from Bohemia Interactive. Use it at your own risk. Refer to the end user license agreement as displayed during the setup process of this application for more details. This license agreement is valid for the whole package and as well any of its parts.

  October 9th, 2007 - 20:53 By Deadeye   Comments (2)  

  Marek Spanel interview on Official    

Our colleague Foxhound from Armaholic website has interviewed Marek Spanel, Bohemia Interactive Studio's CEO, about Queen's Gambit addon and Arma 2.

You can read the article on his website here.

  October 8th, 2007 - 09:11 By Cervo   Comments (4)  

  M14 EBR - Work In Progress Screenshot Official    
Yossarian posted some information and a render of a M14 EBR Rifle not that long ago on the BI Forums.

A more recent screenshot of the weapon in the Armed Assault Armory has been provided of the weapon.

First, big thank-you to RobertHammer who put the gun in-game.
It's my first model for ArmA. I'm still learning. Right now it's just a texture and a model, no fancy normal/spec maps. Silencer, sniper scope, and Short-Dot scope are planned. Poly count right now is 4181 (so don't give a squad of 20 guys the EBR or you can kiss your framerates goodby) Sorry, that's how it is. And unless I find someone to do my schoolwork for me, there aren't going to be any LODs.

  September 26th, 2007 - 19:04 By Jason   Comment (0)  

  BinPBO released Official    

Maruk from the Bohemia Interactive has announced the release of BinPBO utility on the BI Forums. The tool is a GUI application for binarizing and packing ArmA addons.

  September 19th, 2007 - 19:28 By Rellikki   Comment (0)  

  DSUtils, Utilities to create digital signatures released Official    

Maruk has announced the release of DSUtils, an utilities pack comprising DSCreateKey and DSCheckSignatures on the BI forums.

This tool is released for addon makers in order to allow them to generate their own digital signatures (private and public keys) to be used for signing data packages for ArmA.

  September 19th, 2007 - 16:42 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

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