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  Merlin - Training System by Dr_Eyeball updated Mission release    
Dr_Eyeball has released an update for his Merlin - Training System on the BI Forums. In order to learn how to use it, have a look here, in the 1st post on the BI Forums thread.

V1.2 Change Log:

Major New Features:
- 'Create Objects' dialog - added all addon classes to 'Types' list (equivalent to 'Class' in ArmA editor)
- 'Create Objects' dialog - added '' to 'Types' list (equivalent to 'Insert Group' in ArmA editor)
- Export mission.sqm file - got the basics workings for export, but it will be further improved in next version.
- Markers (added via popup menu) are now saved as macros too. So they get deleted upon reset and recreated upon loading.

Major Bug Fixes:
- Minimised JIP lag (JIP connection delay) by removing all publicVariable calls from clients during init.
- Fixed revive not resetting lives after a 'Reset'/'Load' resulting in 0 lives.
- Disabled revive punish options - very confusing for players.
- JIP: spawn markers repositioned for JIP player
- JIP: macro (popup menu) markers created for JIP player
- Fixed 'secure hostage' remove action syntax error message - typo
- Fixed 'rescue hostage' default trigger radius (was being overwritten with tiny value)
- Side range check added to fix KitInit.sqf error message "...KitsAvailable select (_side call fn_getSide)) #select _kit; _total = ..."
- Fixed random spawning when multiple respawn markers exist

Other Minor Changes & Features:
- Hostages can now be randomly located in buildings
- 'Create Objects' dialog - allows multiple selection from 'Types' list - for preview & create
- Popup menu items which are WIP are now prefixed with 'WIP: '
- Improved: 'Move Object' now updates position rather than creating new macro.
- WIP - Popup menu 'Set WP'->'Wait until objective complete >' allows you to synchronise a WP with an objective's completion. Functional but needs some improvements.
- WIP - 'Create Objects' dialog - started adding 'side' combo box filter handling, but still WIP.
- WIP - Adding 'Create Location' concept, which can be used to name special places (eg: 'Factory' ) which civilians can name when questioned.
- WIP - Adding 'Set Country' concept, which can be used to set your flag for your side and possibly other uses.
- Lots of little fixes: default create spacing, model check for create class

Needed addons :
Queens Gambit (v 1.0)

  November 8th, 2008 - 15:50 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

  Merlin - Training System released Mission release    
grotol informed us that Dr_Eyeball released his Merlin - Training System in the BIS Forums. This training system will allow the players a edit the MP scenario in real time.
For detailed information about his island, please head over to the BIS Forum Topic, or check out the pdf file included in the archive.


What is Merlin?
This is a continual WIP. Do not consider it a finished product yet. But it has proven to work well enough for clan based training scenarios so far. Expect some updates.
It wasn't actually intended for public release, but some players have expressed interest and it also serves as a technical demo.

What are Merlin's benefits & what is it's purpose?

- Provides a suitable controllable training environment for clans
- It's primary feature is realtime MP multi-person scenario editing.
- It is not in any way a replacement for: complex missions, story-driven missions, published missions, plus all the other training missions and 3D editors out there already.
- ability to save and load the mission at run-time to/from clipboard
- Allows you to create quick scenarios for many of the new islands, without requiring access to upload missions to a server without the need to clog up a server with single-use missions
- Provides the tested complex core system of game functionality without the need to know how to incorporate it into each of your missions. Things like: JIP, respawn systems, broadcasting, etc.


If you want to use the included mission templates on other islands than the official ones you can get them below :

Watkin Mountains (v Alpha)
Viet-Nam : The Experience pre Alpha
OFM Uhao (v 1.0)
Iraq-Iran Border updated (v 0.3)
Syr Darain (v 3.0 Beta)
Sakakah Al Jawf (v 1.0)
3DEmap (Dreide Island) (v 1.01)
IC ISLAND: Isla Barbuda (v 0.9)
Avgani Iraq (v 1.2)

Needed addons :
Queens Gambit (v 1.0)

  October 12th, 2008 - 10:21 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  Operation Sneaky Beaver Mission release    
iX99 has announced on our forums that Sebastian R. and Felix V. have released their MP mission called "Operation Sneaky Beaver". It's a special forces COOP for 1-3 players.

A squadron of Su-34 stationed on Uhao has been harassing our allies on the surrounding islands. Now it is up to your special forces team to eradicate this threat under the cover of darkness. Eliminate the AAA threat in the area, identify and laser-designate the enemy planes and call in the fast-movers!

- 1 to 3 players coop night mission
- selectable intro / outro (win/lose)
- dynamic weather
- adaptive respawn point
- player keeps loadout after respawn
- selectable respawn limit
- full control over GBU strike

The Uhao island and Queen's Gambit are required to play the mission!

  September 1st, 2008 - 13:31 By JdB   Comments (4)  

  Maybe Tomorrow by Sarge Studio Mission release    
Our Czech section members Kadel and Chicago informed us that Sarge Studios released a new high quality mini campaign named Maybe Tomorrow. Two versions of this mission are available in our Single Player mission section, to play it with or without Queen Gambit extension.

Harry Olson is typical lone wolf, who knows exactly what he does and that's why is his younger brother, Tim, in a little trouble. He's impulsive, and acts rash to overcome the shadow of his more sucessful brother. Harry always disliked all his opinions, decisions and code. Tim never forgave him his ignorance.

But when the fighting for survival comes, Tim is starting to realize, how he was linving in self-delusion and how he needs Harry. He realizes that the few memories, when they were together are the best moments of his life, too...

News submitted by Chicago.

  August 21st, 2008 - 11:13 By Cervo   Comments (4)  

  Battle Of Ortego SP mission by Mr Murray Mission release    
Mr Murray of the MAPFACT team has announced the release of his Battle Of Ortego single-player mission.

Today we are presenting Mr-Murrays first mission for Armed-Assault. In the "Battle of Ortego" it’s up to some special-forces to arrest the SLA president.

Needed addons :
Queens Gambit (v 1.0)

  June 3rd, 2008 - 22:47 By JdB   Comments (4)  

  Morsa's All-Gear-Dialog Mission release    
5133p39 has released a mission on the BIS forums that allows the player to switch weapons in the mission via a dialog. It can be used to test out weapons without needing to restart, or rearm. Here is what he had to say about it:

Description: Just a few scripts and dialog allowing player to quickly change his loadout to any weapon/ammo/gear available in game, including any addons (the list of gear is generated by going through all classes in the cfgWeapons and cfgMagazines sections).

I made this for myself to ease my testing of new weapons and sound mods.
Just hit "J" key to show the dialog, select the gear you want, and hit "Take" or whatever the name of the buttom is in your language.
Doubleclick on the item in the list to select the gear you want (i was too lazy to make it drag&drop).

I am not aware of any errors, but it is a quick and dirty work, so there could be something.

Note: only the "public" type of gear is available - you will not be able to see/select things like Hellfires, T72 maingun, etc.
Only rifles, machineguns, handguns, launchers, grenades, mines, explosives, etc.

The file is packed mission directory, so unpack it where your user missions are. Open the editor (Rahmadi), load the 'mors_dga' mission, play.

  June 3rd, 2008 - 21:46 By JdB   Comment (0)  

  Sahrani Life released Mission release    

Issetea has released Sahrani Life, a RPG MP Mission by Issetea and Fewo, on the BI Forums. It's a role playing cops and robbers game featuring many many items and missions.

We (Fewo and me) started to script a mission called "Nogova Life" on 1st October 2006 for Operation Flashpoint in order to create an RPG mission with less bugs and more features than Crime City.
Around two months later we converted the mission into Armed Assault calling it "Sahrani Life". Since then we've tried to discover better and/or easier scripting techniques, developing new methods to script Server/Clientside scripts and reducing the number of our script files.
During the last few weeks we've tested the mission in Multiplayer and we want to thank Zion, Hulking Unicorn, Delta38 and Erik for their support.

  November 10th, 2007 - 16:47 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

  Virtual TrainingSpace 2 released Mission release    

Grimm from French [CTR]Team has released his Virtual TrainingSpace 2 on the BI Forums. VTS2 allows you to create cooperative missions in real time. This pack contains 7 VTS2 maps and 3 tutorials. You just need QG for the last maps (ASmap, Porto, Sahrani United), but you can play VTS2 without QG, with Sahrani, Gardinas, Sakakah, Iran-Irak Border... you just have to download these maps from our addons or island section.

Virtual TrainingSpace 2 allows you to create cooperative missions in real time.
The players choose their side, equipment, the location of the objective, and so on.
Everything is customizable. It's composed of 2 modules that can work together or independantly : pre-mission and complete real time module.

  November 1st, 2007 - 18:26 By Old Bear   Comments (9)  

  CardLibrary - By Hoz Mission release    
Hoz informed us that has released his playing Card Library over at! This library is really unique to Armed Assault and perhaps will get scripters thinking outside the norm when it comes to building missions. The CardLibrary can be downloaded from the Editors Depot. Included in the release is the Game Card War game mission. It seems like ArmA might turn into a Pokersimulation very soon ;).

Source : OFPEC
  October 19th, 2007 - 09:43 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  Evolution V4 released Mission release    

KilJoy has released a V4 version of his well known and acclaimed Evolution MP mission on the BI Forums. It's in fact a pack featuring four missions : Evolution Red, Evolution Blue, Evolution Red QG (Queens Gambit), Evolution Blue QG (Queens Gambit).

... (Main) Improvments
1. Radio Towers can only be destroyed by satchels.
2. Halo option added to mission HQ.
3. Support system via radio 0 0 8.
4. Engineers can lock repair trucks.
5. Persons using laser designators share the bombers points.
6. Stronger reinforcements.

  October 5th, 2007 - 22:34 By Old Bear   Comments (7)  

  Sahraniville updated Mission release    

Somerville on the BIS Forums has posted an update of the mission file for Sahraniville.

Sahraniville is an RPG map, or a Role-Playing-Game map of a 'cops 'n' robbers' style gameplay. You can choose either to serve as the police force, or as a civilian. In either of the roles you can obey/uphold the law, or you can be corrupt and break the law. Take bribes as an officer to overlook robberies, car-jackings or even murders; take a gun and make your money the Mafioso way. But be weary - the police might not be corrupt, and might be quite happy to throw you in prison.


1) You can now buy weapons at the new improved gunstore. The weapons are then positioned on a small fence for you to take away. Full credit goes to the creator of the weapons placement script, Kronzky. His work has been brilliant, and here's to much more Kronzky scripty stuff.
2) A new small bank in Paraiso.
3) Delivery system now works.
4) The skydiving is no longer a $500 suicide-booth.

He also stated some extra features that may come in future versions.

1) Education system.
2) Employment center.
3) Car Insurance [Y'know, for replacing your vehicle etc]

Source : Matt Rochelle
  October 4th, 2007 - 16:51 By Jimboob   Comments (8)  

  Advance & Secure gametype templates Mission release    
Rambo-16AAB informed us, that the 16AAB Clan released their long awaited Advance & Secure gametype templates over at the BI Forums

Well, its been many many months of Hard work for our scripter, Armogeddon, but the Advance & Secure game type for Arma is finally ready for release.

The Maps have :
-Limited Vehicle respawns
-Sequential capturable zones.
-Capturable Spawn points
-Multiple settings for Capture times
-Multiple weather settings.
-Adjustable view distance to suit your PC
-Player numbers supported from 18 to over 80.

Source : Col Rambo 16AAB
  September 21st, 2007 - 11:38 By Deadeye   Comment (1)  

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