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  SITREP #00133 Official    

On November 24, 2015, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00133 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users<
INFO: Arma 3 Units, Tournament Update, Stamina


Our planned release for Nexus Update (1.54) was meant to be today, but last Friday we uncovered a few issues in large-scale multiplayer testing. Those should since have been fixed. We're going to confirm the fixes in follow-up tests this week to determine when we can publish to main branch. Please keep trying the Release Candidate and reporting any issues, especially new ones. We'll keep you apprised of further RC updates and the actual release timing via our usual channels.


The second round of the End Game Tournament was played and streamed last Saturday. If you missed the broadcast, and have a spare four hours, check out this recording. You could also visit Mic One's channel for edited highlights in the weeks after matches are played. One of its organizers, Community Developer Greg Becksted, drops by to give us the results:"First up were the Quarter-Finals C where Armalusa of Portugal met OFCRA of France. Armalusa took the first game and OFCRA took the second game, in two quite evenly matched games. With the scores tied, anticipation grew to see who could take the win in game 3. In that game Armalusa secured the 'retrieve' task in Phase II of End Game, effectively netting them the win in the event the game would end in a draw. With this advantage under their belt, Armalusa took their time choosing to hold off on picking up the schematics till it was clear they would have a safe and secure path to their upload point. With only a few minutes remaining in the game, Armalusa picked up the schematics and started to make their way there. Being extra cautious, they kept the schematics secure and on-the-move, out of potential threat of them being taken away. The game ultimately did end in a draw, so Armalusa will be moving on the Semi-Finals.
Between the regularly scheduled C and D match-ups, we saw the exciting sudden death rematch between Tangodown and the Arma 3 Ambassadors team (read up on what prompted this in a SITREP #00131). The first game in the rematch was very close with tremendous efforts by both teams that ended in a draw. Needing a win to make it to the Semi-Finals, both teams played in a second game without a dull moment, which ended with a back-and-forth struggle to gain control of the schematics. In the end and by a narrow margin, the Arma 3 Ambassadors team pulled off the win in game 2.

The final match-up of the evening, Quarter-Finals D, commenced with RG Task Force meeting Liberated Gaming. Both teams played with great determination. The teams reported, and we witnessed ourselves, some bad desync occurring, especially in the final game. The development team has since took on this issue with high priority and we feel that the main cause has been tracked down and the fix is currently being tested. In the end, RG Task Force was able to secure two back-to-back wins. A third game was played in keeping with the spirits of this tournament and was just for fun. RG Task Force advances to the Semi-Finals."

Stay tuned for the next round scheduled for Saturday November 28th, where we will see BI Dev Squad meet Arma 3 Ambassadors and RG Task Force versus Armalusa. These teams will now be competing to determine who will participate in the final match-up on Saturday December 5th and their chance to be the ultimate winner of the Arma 3 End Game Tournament!

This Friday and Saturday, Prague will host its annual indie Game Developer Session. Our very own Vojtech Kovaric will be speaking on the topic of Quality Assurance, going over the maddeningly difficult task of testing an open and moddable platform and game. Three other Bohemia Interactive devs will host sessions on a range of topics, so if you have an interest in development, consider popping by!


We can finally get more specific about Arma 3 Units, our web service developed to connect Arma 3 players and groups. Explore the newest OPREP by the fine gentlemen behind this effort for details on the concept. You'll also read about the planned 'Foundation Release' surrounding the Nexus Update, closed beta participation and some hints of future plans. Greg a.k.a. BohemiaBeck has posted a thread on the forums with even more information and details on how to join the party early. If you're interested, take the time to read some of the replies, which reveal our hopes to bring features like a developer API and basic web chat in the longer term. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome as always!

The Stamina and Fatigue systems have received further tuning by their Task Force, with balances to timings across the board. Stamina recuperation and exhaustion rates have been improved, to keep the game decisive, yet fluid, while the availability of sprinting after reaching an exhausted state has been further restricted. To manage combat effectiveness when fatigued or injured, players can no longer hold their breath indefinitely, and will now need to learn and master the best times to steady their aim, to compensate for weapon sway. Hold breath timings have changed, while improvements to the system itself add new sounds and reward players for conserving oxygen. A subtle animation slowdown has been added to terrain gradients, bringing a deeper level of connection and encouraging players to make more tactical decisions about their environment. Finally, a pesky bug that allowed for players to recuperate stamina very quickly has been squashed.

We're also preparing to publish a Legacy Fatigue Mod as example modification with sources in Arma 3 Samples. Senior Designer Josef Zemánek will also upload an unofficial functional mod version on Workshop soon. This mod both provides a starting point to players and modders who wish to replicate the previous behavior, but also showcases the enhanced (scripted) control you can have over these systems. In addition, we hope to still better explain our motivations for these changes both on the forums and in a future OPREP.


Tools Commissar Julien Vida reminds us that the last step in a plan to reorganize our samples and connected data is about to be taken. We'll soon remove the licensed data packages branch from Arma 3 Tools on Steam. If you're still subscribed to this branch, you'll be automatically switched back to main branch. The data packages themselves are still available via our website.

We've received some questions about the release of Eden Editor. It's been on Dev-Branch for some time, so when will it come to everyone? The new 3D Editor will be part of the free Eden Update that is planned for early 2016 according to our roadmap. This is a pretty big tool within the game, so we always planned for a considerable public beta. Development is going very well, but there are still a few features that we'd like to incorporate in the primary release.

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  OPREP : Arma 3 Units Official    

On November 23, 2015, an OPREP : Arma 3 Units has been reported by Korneel van 't Land, Greg Becksted & Jervant Malakjan on the official Arma 3 web site.

UNIT: Korneel van 't Land, Greg Becksted & Jervant Malakjan, Brand/Community/Web Development
TO: Arma 3 Users
OPSUM: Introducing our development plans for Arma 3 Units

Over the next few weeks we'll be rolling out 'Arma 3 Units' – a web-based service for connecting Arma 3 players to Arma community groups. Via this OPREP, we would like to introduce the concept, explain the scope of its 'Foundation Release', and present our near-future development plans.


The potential of Arma 3 is truly unlocked once players form organized groups and go into the multiplayer together. There are a great variety of Arma 3 community groups; however, it’s not always easy for players to find these, or to set up a new one. With Arma 3 Units, we hope to make a modest first step towards lowering this barrier of entry. As a result, more players will be able to discover the variety of playstyles, enjoy a more meaningful gaming experience, and perhaps even establish new friendships.

In essence, Arma 3 Units could be described as an online catalog of Arma 3 community groups (referred to as 'units'), and a promotional/recruitment tool for new and existing groups/clans. With the initial launch of the website, which is scheduled for the end of November/start of December, we aim to deliver the core components of the service, namely the browsing of units and registration of new units. A bit further down the line, however, we intend to add more features – such as the ability to join a unit with your Bohemia Account, schedule events, and more.

Beyond our near future development plans, which we'll dig into a bit more later in this OPREP, we see many more possibilities for Arma 3 Units. Our internal wishlist is already significant, plus we expect to receive many more splendid suggestions from our community. At the same time, we do also need to recognize potential limitations in time and resources, which effectively means we'll have to carefully balance the focus of our web team between the different projects within Bohemia Interactive. That said, if successful, we do consider Arma 3 Units to be a potential longer-term endeavor.


As mentioned earlier, the initial Foundation Release of Arma 3 Units will provide the core functionality of browsing through units, and, of course, the registration of units. After the Foundation Release has been deployed, we'll be directing our attention towards on a number of features that we consider essential additions to the service. When visiting the Arma 3 Units website, you will already see some of these features hinted at in the website layout, but they will have been grayed out with a tool tip that says "coming soon". For now, let's discuss these 'upcoming' features in a bit more detail.

Firstly, we'll be focusing on the integration of Bohemia Accounts into Arma 3 Units. This should enable players to more easily join or apply for a unit, while unit admins will be able to manage and review member applications from within the Units admin section. In addition, depending on a unit's privacy settings, using Bohemia Accounts will make it possible to automatically calculate a unit's size, and display the names of the players that are connected to the particular unit. Also, by integrating Bohemia Accounts, we're opening the door for connecting Arma 3 Units to the Arma 3 game – which in turn could enable us (eventually) to more seamlessly integrate in-game group management systems such as the infamous squad.xml.

After that, our next priority will be the creation of events by units, and for unit members (and/or non-members) to join these events. Plus, on top of that we want to provide a place where Arma 3 players, who are not necessarily part of a Unit, can quickly find other players to form a squad and head into multiplayer together right away – whether it's for a round of End Game, a co-operative scenario, a sandbox game mode, or something else. To complete the package, we intend to implement a push notifications system, which should help users to keep better track of unit announcements and events.


Before we get to that, we'll be hosting a short closed beta test, to ensure a solid Foundation Release in the comings weeks. The primary purpose of this closed beta is to identify technical errors, streamline the user experience, and tweak the website layout. To participate in the closed beta, we're inviting admins/leaders of Arma community groups that are interested. More information on how to join, and where to report you feedback, can be found on the Bohemia Forums.

Arma 3 Units, what else? Besides the things we've discussed in this OPREP, we have not yet specified the long-future plans for the service. One of the things we could imagine is to directly integrate Arma Units into the Arma 3 Launcher (and perhaps even into the game itself). Then there are other, more 'wild' ideas that could expand upon the service, such as potentially facilitating the organization of tournaments between units, or enabling a unit to form alliances with other units. However, for now, our focus it the make sure the core framework is there, and once the concept has proven itself, we hope to involve all of you in the brainstorm on Arma Units' future.

In closing, we hope this dev blog gives you a better understanding of our development plans and goals for Arma 3 Units. You can expect another status update from us in the next couple of months. In the meantime, please let us know your thoughts/ideas/suggestions/notes. Stay safe - and greetings to you and your unit!

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  SITREP #00132 Official    

On November 8, 2015, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00132 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Development Update, Community Art, Stacked Event Handlers


We felt now might be a good time to deliver a small status report on plans beyond Nexus Update (1.54 is undergoing public RC testing). For Eden Update we are obviously chiefly focused on Eden Editor, although several other platform features are in the pipes. The Audio team hopes to stage a first set of improved weapon firing configurations, which use the new functionality to deliver much nicer distance-based sounds for example. Work on the Visual Update package has continued as well. Staging its tweaked lighting, water reflections, improved underwater fog and fixed up parallax maps to Dev-Branch is set for a while after 1.54. The primary Apex release is greedily devouring all of our Art capacity. The artists in various offices are building Tanoa's unique structures, decorative objects, vegetation, rocks, clutter, surfaces and more. Some of them are modeling the new Light Strike Vehicles, VTOLs and other assets. It will be a while before any of this sees the light of day, but it's all shaping up very nicely.


Bohemia Dev Squad's MVP, Endstar, is seen training for an upcoming End Game Tournament match at his Research & Development desk in the latest weekly dev photo. There are many other things going on in this picture, but we'll just point out that the sidearm is a decommissioned weapon (movie prop) that we use as reference material.

Plenty of fantastic looking community artworks and screenshots have reached us over the years. We often share these via @Arma3Official and you might also follow Senior Designer Bořivoj Hlava, who has a finely-tuned radar for talent. If you enjoy seeing these productions, visit the Arma 3 Photography thread on our forums, where you will also find special projects like unofficial comics. Another source of media is the Steam Community Hub. Keep sharing everyone!


We had already hinted at description.ext integration into Eden Editor, and now this functionality has arrived on Dev-Branch. As with more components of the new editor, this too can be extended by modders. You can set it up for custom sections and open up other scenario configuration parameters for your mod(e)s. Script command getMissionConfigValue is needed to access this new type of data. It can also be used for old-fashioned parameters, so this command will slowly deprecate missionConfigFile. As a fortunate byproduct of this work, Programmer Filip Sádovský has found a way to make errors in the EXT file no longer crash the engine, but instead just throw an error.

On Saturday we announced that the planned End Game Tournament sessions for that day would be postponed after the horrible events in Paris. We felt it would not be appropriate, especially given one of the competing teams for that round is French (OFCRA). We've discussed with the teams how to best continue, and it's likely all sessions will simply move back one week. Keep an eye on our usual channels for the latest information. In the mean time, Mic One has published his awesome overview video in which you can learn about the three stages of End Game matches.


We have finally introduced limited support for stacked config-based event handlers into the engine. By using nested classes in CfgVehicles >> (MyVehicle) >> EventHandlers, you can define multiple handlers of the same type (e.g. init). Previously, mods could only overwrite existing handlers, and so they had to resort to more convoluted solutions.

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  SITREP #00131 Official    

On November 3, 2015, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00131 on the official Arma 3 web site.
FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: 1.54 RC Started, Tournament Update


The public Release Candidate branch for Nexus Update (1.54) has opened to anyone who'd like to participate in testing or who wants to start preparing their scenarios and mods. Its Steam branch access code is Arma3Update154RC, which is available for the game and its server package. Please post specific issues to the Feedback Tracker. Since this update is quite large, we expect the RC period to last a good two weeks. Several of its components are even now undergoing carefully monitored tweaking. A high-level list of changes can be found on the forums, where the build can also be generally discussed. We do however recommend using specific threads for large topics such as audio, Launcher mod dependencies, personal protective equipment, stamina, spectator, FFV, etc.


When the time came to select the next Community Guide topic, we quickly landed on "Defense". It covers a useful collection of skills for Arma in general, but also applies very well to End Game, a central component of Nexus Update and the on-going tournament. Andrew "Dslyecxi" Gluck was approached once again to apply his excellent Arma videography skills. The guide goes over planning your defense, consideration of terrain features, usage of Intel gathering assets, force multipliers, practical tips, and more.


The A & B bracket quarter-finals for the End Game Tournament were played last Saturday, with plenty of excitement and controversy! In the first match-up, the brave Italian BDR Clan faced the Bohemia Dev Squad. The match was decided after 2 developer victories, advancing the Dev Squad to the semi-finals. Our compliments to BDR for some impressive counters to the vehicle tactics used against them.

Next up were the Arma 3 Ambassadors versus Dutch community Tangodown. After a first round draw, and a win by the Ambassadors, the last round was won by Tangodown in a thrilling hilltop finale. Much confusion ensued, which was our mistake. The rules did not explicitly cover this scenario well, and so the officials ruled a Tangodown victory based on their interpretation of the rules (since updated and clarified). In the days following the event, we've discussed this with both teams and are happy to find them willing to go for a sudden-death rematch! Massive respect especially to the members of Tangodown, who are putting their semi-final place on the line in the interest of fair play. This tournament was always meant to be "friendly-competitive" in nature and we're very glad to see this attitude reflected by the competitors. We'll obviously do our best to avoid these situations in future events - together we learn.

We've already extracted some useful lessons from this first foray into an official event of this type. This really is a trial run for us. If it's well-received as a whole, we may take it further, and explore different game modes and play styles. Some spectator mode tweaks will already be applied for the next matches (and Nexus Update itself), such as the ability to highlight every player and not just unit leaders. We also observed that it can be unclear what the first-person camera actually shows: this is not exactly what the player is seeing, so you'll not see them using sights. Seeing third-person view in the Spectator also does not need to mean the player uses that function, although in this tournament it is available. Shoutcasters Mic One and Stardog did an awesome job commentating on the proceedings, and they brought in some nice interviews and other videos. The stream team has discussed feedback and improvements going forward, hopefully resulting in an even more entertaining event. Join us next Saturday from 17:00 UTC for the C & D bracket quarter-finals as well as the special rematch!


During the tournament live stream, we noticed several people pleasantly surprised by some of the music played during the intermissions. Most of what you heard is actually part of the official Arma 3 soundtrack. Owners of the (Digital) Deluxe Edition can find MP3 and FLAC versions of all tracks (including DLC) in their installation Bonus\Soundtrack folder. You can also use Steam client to play these tracks. Go to View and then Music Details (or filter your library on MUSIC) to see a listing of the tracks available to you. Or you might want to use these tracks in the game (regardless of DLC ownership): take a look at this Community Wiki overview and the related documentation. We can also confirm that the many remixes of the main theme have driven Audio Lead Jan Dušek slightly mad - "TÝ-DA-DU-DÜ".

While we have you listening to music, we highly recommend the soundtrack for singleplayer Make Arma Not War winner: Resist. Just like the campaign itself, it's a fitting contribution to the vanilla game. Our compliments to community composer Valtteri Harju!

Full SITREP #00131 on the official Arma 3 web site

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  'How to conduct a defense' Arma 3 video Videos    

Korneel van 't Land has informed us about on "how to conduct a defense" new Arma 3 video release.

Prague, Czech Republic, November 4th 2015

Bohemia Interactive today deployed a brand new video guide for their tactical military shooter Arma 3. While previous episodes in the official Community Guide series focused on the attack, this new episode explores the basic principles of mounting an effective and efficient defense - making it a must-watch for everyone with an interest in tactical gameplay.

In the video, Andrew Gluck (better known as Dslyecxi, leader of the Arma community group Shack Tactical) examines the most essential planning considerations for a solid defense, such as understanding the terrain, defining areas of responsibility, and identifying potential force multipliers. In addition, the video describes what vehicles and weapons are most suitable for defending a location. To increase your odds of surviving in battle, Dslyecxi concludes the video by discussing individual actions, such as positioning and communications, and knowing when it's time to retreat.

Previous episodes in the Arma 3 Community Guide video series covered topics such as infantry combat, multiplayer teamwork, helicopters, sniper- and launcher teams, combined arms warfare, air assaults, guerrilla warfare, ground vehicle crew, machine gun teams, and the Arma 3 Zeus DLC. The complete Community Guide playlist is available on Arma 3’s YouTube Channel.

Arma 3 - Community Guide: DefenseTrailer


To enlist for Arma 3 service, the regular edition of Arma 3 (44.99 EUR/39.99 GBP/59.99 USD) and the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (49.99 EUR/42.99 GBP/64.99 USD) - which includes the Arma 3 soundtrack, tactical maps of Altis and Stratis, a tactical guide of more than 350 pages, and Bohemia Interactive’s debut game Arma: Cold War Assault – are available for purchase on Steam and the Bohemia Interactive Store.

Those who are new to Arma 3, but are looking for the most complete experience, can also pick up the Arma 3 Extended Edition. The Extended Edition includes the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition plus the Arma 3 DLC Bundle, and saves people 9.99 EUR/11.99 GBP/14.99 USD over buying the vanilla game and DLC bundle separately.

For the true Arma fans and collectors, Bohemia Interactive now also offers the physical Arma 3 Special Edition (179 EUR/129 GBP/199 USD), which is exclusively available on the Bohemia Interactive Store. The Special Edition includes the boxed Arma 3 base game, Karts/Helicopters/Marksmen DLC, various digital extras such as the Arma 3 soundtrack and Tactical Guide, plus a range of physical collector's items: a laser-cut 3D glass cube, limited edition silver medal, printed map of Altis & Stratis, Task Force Aegis t-shirt, 32GB USB flash drive, key strap, and notepad and pen.

For more information, please visit and/or follow Arma 3 on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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  SITREP #00130 Official    

On November 3, 2015, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00130 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Project Leadership, End Game Tournament


Breaking with tradition, this opening section will be written from my own perspective. After well over a hundred reports and therefore weeks, the time has come for me to hand the Arma 3 project to someone else. As of this week, the game will be in the capable hands of someone most of you know: former Encoding Lead, Lord of the Bounce, Petr Kolář. He will lead the awesome team on the road to Apex and beyond.

It has been a huge honor to re-shape the game and team as we went through Early Access graduation and over two years of post-release support so far. Considering there were times when we believed the game might never be released, it’s a great joy to see the unique Arma series in a stronger position than ever before now. Sure, not everything went smoothly and some things we wish we’d handled differently. It will make for an interesting post-mortem eventually, but Arma 3 is far from dead. I’m incredibly proud of everyone involved with the project, including the community of modders, server admins and players

This change was planned for a while, but now we’re close to the first milestone on the expansion roadmap, the time is right. I’ll continue to work on the game as Producer for some time, most likely even writing up more of these reports, as I slowly prepare for a new challenge within Bohemia Interactive. Thank you for your support and cheers to a splendid future in the Armaverse!

-Joris-Jan van ‘t Land, Project Lead (ret.)


Your Saturday entertainment should be sorted for the next couple of weeks. We've announced an official End Game Tournament. Eight teams (community groups, Bohemia Interactive devs and special guests) will go head to head in a fun invitational knock-out tournament. What are they fighting for? Eternal glory and the coveted title of Arma 3 End Game Champion of course! All of the matches will be live streamed and hosted by shoutcasters Mic One and Stardog. Things are kicking off this Saturday, November 7, at 17:00 UTC with the A and B bracket quarter-finals. You can watch the live events on our Twitch channel, but there will be many other streams from the various competitors for example. Visit the tournament page for the full schedule, team overviews, rules and a F.A.Q. Best of luck to all teams, especially our devs, who'll probably need it most!

Rock Paper Shotgun has published a refreshing account of their experiences in vanilla Arma 3 with community group Folks APRS. The author has joined for several PvE operations, and describes the challenges and excitement of dealing with perma-death and communication. You too can join their public sessions, so head over to their site for the details.

Community member Leshrack has released his first mod, one which allows you to tow vehicles with other vehicles. It support all vanilla (wheeled) aircraft, and can be configured for mod vehicles as well. More information is available this forum thread.

Closing our brief look at the community this week, is this nice combined arms combat montage by Rifling Matters


Tweaking of Stamina continues on Dev-Branch, and our goal is to reach a stable state by Friday. The dedicated group of devs involved in this work will want to post a more detailed update on the forums soon, but here are some of the bigger tweaks as described by Sandbox Lead Miloslav Cinko: "The UI bar was adjusted to not steal too much of the player's attention, but still provide players with information about their status (if enabled). Some special actions, like rolling sideways, have a negative impact on stamina now and the weight of equipment was tweaked so that undesired load-outs should not be achievable. We're also experimenting with jogging draining stamina. A number of noticeable issues snuck into the weapon sway mechanic that were not intended, so the most recent focus has been on this mechanic. We'll continue to process your feedback and see what can still contribute to reach our goals for this iteration."

Megagoth , one of the community's audio aficionados, has contributed to the recent update on Audio progress with a lovely video overview . He explains how the sample reorganization can help to reduce update sizes, which even considering delta-patching is applied, definitely was one of the motivations. More interestingly, he explains in a very audiovisual manner (epic Paint skills confirmed) what the changes and new configuration methods allow sound designers to do. He does also share a valid warning: with great power comes great responsibility. Modders will have such detailed control over certain aspects of the sound engine, that breaking the entire soundscape becomes very easy when applying low-level values that were not considered carefully. Overall though, the things that will be possible to achieve are very exciting for us and modders alike.


There have been several cool scripting additions and changes in recent months. External Designer Killzone Kid has written up a great overview of them on the forums. From general syntactical commands and constructs, to Stamina and UI commands, there's bound to be some useful tools for scripters. And if you weren't sure what the recently staged Upload Terminal object can do besides being used in End Game, also check out this nifty use of it!

Now that the Eden Editor beta supports custom layers, the team has moved on to another big feature: description.ext integration. Since the first Arma games, this file could be used to configure several advanced scenario parameters and even define entire config hierarchies local to the scenario (e.g. to build User Interfaces). The time has finally come to expose most of the common parameters in the editor itself, without needing to create a manual file. Don't worry, this is approached in such a way that existing scenarios with description.ext files will continue to function and their parameters will take priority. More advanced uses of reading the missionConfigFile may need to be re-considered using techniques we'll document clearly when the time comes.

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