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  Ivan Buchta on "Goodmorning Sahrani" part 1 Community    

Ivan Buchta, Lead designer of ArmA2 was on Sahrani Radio yesterday and if you weren't tuned on the ArmA Radio Station, that's too bad !

But once again Jerry Hopper has informed us that all can get a replay of the show.

You can download the file down there.

  September 28th, 2008 - 01:43 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

  From Radio Sahrani : About Ivan Buchta's interview Screenshots    

Jerry Hopper from Sahrani Radio send us some news of upcoming Ivan Buchta's interview on Good morning Sahrani.

Sahrani Radio brings you an exclusive interview with Ivan Buchta, Lead designer of ArmA2
In this 2.5 hour- 2 part special, Mr J.Kingsley & Jerry Hopper dive into the depths of the upcoming blockbuster from Bohemia Interactive ArmedAssault 2.
Armed with over 50 tough community questions, this is probably the most revealing show of this year.
In part one, Ivan Buchta tells about himself, and answers the questions that the community have left on our answering machine.
Next week in part two, Mr Hoppper & Kingsley try to get as much of the submitted written questions answered.
And if that wasn't enough, Ivan Buchta was so kind to send us some pictures, along with two exclusive ArmA2 in game screenshots.

The special edition of the Goodmorning Sahrani show will be aired in 2 parts
Part 1 - Saturday 27 september at 20:00 GMT+1
Part 2 - Saturday 4 October at 20:00 GMT+1

Dont miss it & tune it at :

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  More ArmA 2 footage by + Suma statement Screenshots    

The staff has released another video on their website. With the latest video released they have now produced 8 videos for the community. If you have missed one out you can find all of them HERE.

What can be seen?

- A few airplanes/choppers from Armed Assault 2
- some short information about the included weapons
- KA-52 and the UH-1Y "Wtin Turbo"

Once again thanks to and BIS for recording and releasing all of these videos !

DOWNLOAD - ArmA 2 Aircraft Video - [391 MB (wmv)]


Furthermore Suma from BIS left a comment concerning the Dual/Quad Core support of ArmA 2 in the BIS Forums.
Thanks to Foxhound from Armaholic for finding the quote.

Currently I can provide only an estimation, for final words you still have to wait for later:

Our intention is to scale at least to some extent to quad cores (this means with quad cores you should have either better performance in some scenes than in dual cores). Therefore the game should run better on Quad Core compared to Dual Core assuming they both run at the same frequency.

That said, you can get higher frequency Dual Core for the same money as you could get Quad Core. My prediction is 3.3 GHz Dual Core will most likely run the game better than 2.5 GHz Quad Core, while both will cost you approximately the same.

One thing to note: different scenarios / workloads may show different performance patterns - e.g. it is possible missions with huge numbers of units will runner better on 2.5 GHz Quad Core than 3.3 GHz Dual Core.

Disclaimer: this is only a prediction and things can still change before the game is released.

Source :
  September 4th, 2008 - 08:20 By Deadeye   Comments (8)  

  Official ArmA II web site launched Official    

The new Official ArmA II web site has been lauched today at

The new ARMA2 website is live! Check out the collection of new ArmA 2 info, then bookmark this site marine!

We'll be updating it regularly with a constant stream of propaganda, intel and in-depth looks at the technology and features that make ArmA 2 unique. Don't miss out!

  September 1st, 2008 - 21:33 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

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