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  GLT Missilebox (v 3.51)  
Picture of GLT Missilebox Author : Myke
Version : 3.51 Era : Modern Type : Weapons
Size : 81 MB 7z Demo mission : No
Downloads : 16646 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 3 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • glt_missilebox.pbo
  • glt_missilebox_config.pbo
Description :
GLT Missilebox

Version: 3.51 fixed version
Date: 16.09.2011

What is in this pack?

Since version 3.4 it is splitted into 2 parts. The GLT Missilebox containing all new weapons, model replcements of BIS weapons aswell as several variations of BIS planes with ne weapon loadout and of course the MOAB.
Config improvements have been outsourced into a separate addon with also separate serverkey. This Real Air Weapons addon is just a config update for all BIS weapons and makes sure the BIS weapons have the same performance like the Missilebox weapons have.
Personally i do recommend the use of this additional addon as it makes Aerial weapons more realistic. You will find the downloadlink at the end of this chapter.

Airweapons replacement:
Default BIS airweapons models are replaced by higher quality models

- [fixed] GBU-24 couldn't hit anything (missing Geometry LOD)
- [changed] GBU-53 renamed to GBU-31 (classnames remain untouched, only displayname changed)
- [improved] several Mk-84 based guided bombs were weaker than the Mk-84 itself
- [added] LAU2 Dualrail model and magazines: GLT_2Rnd_DUALRAIL, GLT_4Rnd_DUALRAIL and GLT_6Rnd_DUALRAIL
- [added] several magazines to the M61A1 cannon:
"480Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-22)
"510Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-15)
"500Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-16, has in fact 511 rounds but classname remained the same for compatibility)
"578Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F/A-18C/D/E/F)
"640Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-4E)
"650Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-106)
"675Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-14)
"725Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-104)
"940Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-15C)
"1028Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-105)
"1030Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (A-7D/E)
"1100Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (M163)
"1550Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (Phalanx CIWS)
"2050Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT" (F-111)
suggestion made and round counts contributed by Xeno426
- [added] v2 signatures

Recommended : GLT_RealAirWeapons
Picture of GLT Missilebox
Size : 81 MB 7z
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