10.11.2006 | M3 81mm Mortar -ObmaR

Finally got the South African manufactured M3 81mm mortar done, will do the final touches and scripting once ArmA is released.

The M3 81mm mortar was the support weapon used by the SADF Infantry Units during the Bushwar. 32 Battalion had specially trained mortar platoons to support units in Counter Insurgency Operations against SWAPO bases in Angola. The SADF used 32 Battalion M3 mortar platoons with devastating effects against FAPLA at Savate in 1980, killing 183 enemy soldiers with the first 12 mortar salvos of the attack, from a distance of 2800 meters.

M3 81mm MortarM3 Mortar View

(click image to enlarge)

The M3 add-on is capable of firing 5 different high explosive rounds to a maximum of about 3000 meters. AI is limited to the primary charge, players can take advantage of the longer ranged charge 1 to 4 to bombard targets at greater distances. The following distances are as tested in OFP but I will adjust them for ArmA.

Mortar - Primary : 80-450 m
Mortar - Charge 1: 400-1000 m
Mortar - Charge 2: 600-1800 m
Mortar - Charge 3: 800-2200 m
Mortar - Charge 4: 1000-3000 m

These distances are for the 81mm HE round.

08.11.2006 | 4 more weapons completed -ObmaR

I have nearly all the weapons required for the Bush Wars Mod completed. These are weapons that are not part of the ArmA release but required for the Mod. The rest of the Eastern Block weapons used in the conflict, will be reskined and updated models that come with ArmA.

The Simonov SKS and the Chinese (Mod. 58) SKS-D were very common among the Eastern Block Marxist supported MPLA and Rebel Forces in Angola. The add-on includes the SKS (10 round semi-auto) and the SKS-D (30 round semi-auto). The standard SADF Infantry Squad, 40mm Grenade Launcher was the M79 manufactured under licence in South Africa by Armscor and designated the R79. Was known as the "Snot Neus" by the troops. The add-on includes HE, Frag and AP rounds and an ingame effective range of 400 meters.

SKS & SKS-D RifleR79 Grenade Launcher

(click image to enlarge)

The H&K MP5 and MP5K were weapons used by the Special Forces Brigades (Recces) in undercover operations both in Angola as well as surrounding countries during the Bushwar conflict. I have made both these add-ons for a mission I will be releasing. The mission will feature a very famous Recce incursion into the Angolan, Cabinda Province.

H&K MP5H&K MP5K 9mm sub-machinegun

(click image to enlarge)

29.10.2006 | We have a new host -ObmaR


The Bush Wars Website is now hosted on the armed-assault.net server. Thanks to Philipp for the great hosting offer. I´ve had to move the website as I was hosting the Bush Wars website as a sub-domain of my business website (symteq.com) and the increase in traffic was effecting my business traffic quota.

I´ve also had to change the forum. Please could all existing members re-register. I´m sorry for the inconvenience caused but its a move I had to make. I hope everyone will understand...

I want to take this opportunity to ask all visitors to please support our host by visiting them http://armed-assault.net/ and participate on their website by bookmarking, registering, posting a comment or replying in their forums (http://armed-assault.net/forums/). Any kind of activity is much appreciated and a big help towards promoting a new Armed Assault community.

Thank you all for the support and welcome back, now lets get down to the business of making war... from an armchair, that is!


26.10.2006 | Aeromacchi AM3C BOSBOK ready!!!! -ObmaR

The Aeromacchi AM3C Bosbok was primarily used as a Forward Observation and ground-combat engagement support airplane . In 1972 the South African Air Force (SAAF) ordered 40 samples of the Aeromacchi AM3C and designated them the name "BOSBOK". The BOSBOK has two external load stations for max. 170 kg loads (machine guns, rocket pods, small bombs, air-to-surface missiles AS. 11 and AS. 12. The Bosbok was operated by 31 and 41 Squadrons. The cammo paint scheme as used on Bosboks operating out of Ondangwa AFB during the Bushwar circa 1982.

ENGINE: air-cooled six cylinder Lycoming Gso-480-b1b6 with 403 KW.
Max SPEED: 274 km/h
Max RANGE: 990 km

AM3C BosbokAM3C Bosbok

(click image to enlarge)

This add-on will have 2 variations. The first will be armed with a rocket pod and a 7,62mm MG. The second variation will have a smoke grenade launcher for artillery target acquisition (will include scripts to work in conjunction with the G5 Artillery Systems). Although the real plane has a capacity for 3 crew members I have only included 2 crew seats for playability and animation reasons.

27.09.2006 | Mirage III CZ, EZ and R2Z nears completion!!!! -ObmaR

The Dassault-Mirage III was one of the most successful aircraft of the cold war. The South African Air Force received the first of 16 Mirage III CZ interceptor aircraft in April 1963. A further 16 Mirage III EZ Fighter/Bomber versions were received mid 1960´s. The Mirage III photo reconnaissance variant with a longer nose and 5 cameras and the more powerful Atar 9K-50 engine was designated the R2Z. I have kept the historical paint scheme of the 1980´s as used in the Bushwar by the Nº 2 and Nº3 Squadrons.

Mirage III CZMirage III EZ

(click image to enlarge)

This add-on has 3 variations with 7 different weapon configs. I have included lots of scripts and animations. All Mirage III´s have animated airbrakes, undercarriage, afterburner, canopy and radar. The weapon ordinance includes the V3C Kukri missiles, free fall and LGB´s. I´ve also included the JL 100 fuel tank/Rocket pod version. Has an autoeject script that ejects the pilot once aircraft damage reaches 80%. The airbrakes when activated slow down the aircraft considerably. These renders are taken ingame and not altered. I have used high resolution texture (1024 x 1024) and all aircraft do no exceed 3500 polys.

Mirage III R2ZMirage III Airbrakes

(click image to enlarge)

Here are some pics taken ingame (OFP) of the Mirage III CZ and EZ Cockpit (left) and the R2Z cockpit (right). All the panels have a working HUD and instruments. The R2Z has a working radar.

Mirage III CZ CockpitMirage III R2Z Cockpit

(click image to enlarge)

17.09.2006 | SAAF Ops Pilots and C4M Kudu completed!!! -ObmaR

Finally after many texture changes and O2 work, I´ve completed the South African Air Force Pilots. The Atlas C4M Kudu was a multi-purpose aircraft designed and built by Atlas Aircraft Corporation during the sanction years. The Kudu was use extensively in the operational area as it could land practically anywhere. Will have a few interesting missions with this add-on. I´ve also changed the renders background as well as size to improve look and resolution of models, hope you all like it .

SAAF Ops PilotsC4M Kudu

(click image to enlarge)

16.09.2006 | OXYGEN renders of completed projects released -DigiA

In the next couple of weeks leading up to the release of Armed Assault, we will be releasing renders of add-ons already completed. These are all in beta stage as we wait for the new tools to be released by BIS.

Beta renders of the Alouette III G-car and the Alouette III K-car Gunship. These helicopters have animated side doors and instrument panels and the G-car version will carry 2 crew and 4 passengers. AI will fire on infantry with the G-car and both infantry and light armour with the K-car version.

Alouette III G-carAlouette III K-car

(click image to enlarge)

Below is the Alouette II which will transport 1 pilot and 4 passengers. The Aerospatiale Puma carries 2 crew and 12 passengers, has animated side doors which will open and close automatically when landing or taking off. The undercarriage is also retractable.

Alouette IIPuma

(click image to enlarge)

01.09.2006 | The Bush Wars Conflict Mod Website is UP! -ObmaR

The Bush Wars Conflict Mod Website and forum is now up and running!!!!...With this MOD we aim to bring the Special Forces Battalions and Brigades which took part in the South African - Angolan Conflict (The Bushwar) to The Armed Assault Game by BIS.

Our missions will be based on historical fact and maintain as much realism as is possible in ArmA. While keeping our add-ons as accurate as possible, we will keep a balance between look and playability. The Mod will include the following add-ons (not a complete list).

- 32 Battalion (Three Two)
- 1, 2, 4, 5 Reconnaissance Regiments (Special Forces - Recces)
- 44 Parachute Brigade (Parabats)
- 61 Mechanized Battalion
- South African Air Force
- South African Infantry Battalions

- MPLA/FAPLA (Angolan Regular Army)
- SWAPO/PLAN (Namibian Freedom Fighters)
- UNITA (Rebels)
- Cuban Army
- Russian Advisors
- Angolan/Cuban Air force
- Angolan/Cuban Mechanized Brigades

Through the years we have created add-ons of the South African as well as Angolan army for OPERATION FLASHPOINT as a hobby, just never got around to releasing them to the public.

With the announcement of BIS releasing Armed Assault and players being able to use OFP add-ons with minor updating. We have started reworking our existing add-ons and will update them once BIS release their latest tools .

Our registered OFPEC TAG is : BWC_

See you all on the Battlefield !!!!!!

03.09.2006 | We are recruiting new members to join our team -ObmaR

BWC Recruitment Banner

We are looking for people to help us develop this mod. We are a very small team at the moment (2 members) and are looking for people with a bit of experience in the modding community, especially OFP. Would prefer South African, Portuguese, Namibian, Cuban, or Angolan members but this is not a requirement (I speak, read and write English, Portuguese, Afrikaans and Spanish. Was also a soldier in this war 1982-84) correspondence in these languages will not be a problem.

We need:

- Modelers/texture artists (these are what we need the most)
- Island Makers (Would like to put a team together for the Angola/SWA island)
- Script writers
- Mission makers
- Voice actors (English/Afrikaans/Portuguese)
- Moderators (to assist with forum)

All we require is a measure of dedication towards the mod and adequate English skills. Modelers and texture artist don't need to be absolute masters of their trade, but no beginners either...

We are not necessarily looking for 'permanent' members, free-lancers are more than welcome. Contributions or donations of add-ons are also welcome and a great help towards the success of this Mod.

So, if you feel you can contribute, please contact us: bushwars@hotmail.com If possible, send pics of your work.

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